Halloween Music

While everybody from my generation will be sitting to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show and do the obligatory back and forth with the screen , I will stand on decades of household tradition and watch a little unknown kitsch gem.

And my favorite song from the movie:

And yes, I favor female singers, get over it.

4 Replies to “Halloween Music”

  1. This movie popped up on one of the free movie channels (AMC? TCM?) last year. Not just once, but a couple of times. Why? Apparently Jessica Harper is married to the host of that particular movie series (Tom Rothman.)

    Much like the proverbial train wreck, I couldn’t stop myself watching it. I especially liked the Uzi sniper rifle. (Memory’s dim, I think it was an Uzi.)


    1. Yep… it was an UZI. And Tom Rothman is co-chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment. They’ve been married for 22 years or so.
      He is the bastard who stole Jessica Harper from me! LOL!



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