Light blogging….or not.

Every time I say “light blogging” I end up posting 5 times before supper.

I am doing some interesting reading and all from the Small Arms Review, the UN Gun Grabbers. I downloaded and printed the following: Estimating Civilian Owned Firearms, Small Arms Survey 2011 and Global Burden of Armed Violence. A grand total of 271 pages very well written in sentimental “bureaucratise.” An easy to impress mind would end up crying at the introduction alone and joining the flock or Rebecca Peters or Occupy Smith & Wesson.

I am just gonna leave you this bon-mot from Small Arms Survey 201:

The 2006 report prepared by the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights discusses the principle of self-defence under human rights law; it appraises claims that the principle provides legal support for a ‘right’ to possess small arms, which, in turn, would negate or substantially minimize the duty of states to regulate possession. Yet the report concludes that, though the principle has an important place in international human rights law, ‘it does not provide an independent, legal supervening right to small arms possession, nor does it ameliorate the duty of States to use due diligence in regulating civilian
possession’ (UNHRC, 2006, para. 19).
(Underline mine, quotation marks in the original)

Basically, Self-Defense is a right when We (The UN) say it is and it is convenient and that makes it a privilege. Remember that they do not have the same concept of Rights as we do. For us are God Given and inalienable, for them are just grants given by the State.

I’ll be making a full report later in the week.

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  1. We await more of this report. We gotta keep up to date on not only the gun grabbers at home but those abroad.


  2. How convenient for the United Nations that they can arbitrarily wish away certain human rights that they find awkward or otherwise troublesome… A right is meaningless without the means to exercise it. I wonder how they would feel if a country decided to exercise “voting booth control”…



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