CSGV: Gansta CCW?

Just when I think the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence have reached hypersonic levels of shrill , they come along with something even higher.

What awful event has brought the verbal ire of our chap Ladd?

On Oct. 20, the man saw Evanovich pistol-whip a woman and take her purse. The witness, who had a permit to carry a handgun, drove up to Evanovich and asked for the purse back. Evanovich pointed his gun at the man and told him to mind his own business, and the man, still sitting in his car, aimed his own weapon and fired, according to a criminal complaint.

So, a citizen sees an assault with a deadly weapon against a woman, legally intervenes and when threatened by the criminal, produces his weapon and defends himself. But apparently there is a code of location/position according to CSGV which makes shooting from a vehicle somehow morally wrong.

And to Laddite Beth Ritchie, I am sure you would have a different opinion about “vigilantism” if you were to have your face re-arranged by a gun held by a criminal. Are you sure you rather walk the high moral ground and wait for the criminal to finish you up rather than have somebody help you ?

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  1. There’s a better one part:
    “Nine days before his death, Evanovich, 23, gave an interview on video that an anti-violence group intended to show to at-risk youths.”

    Wow. Whom safety do anti-gun crowd cares about?

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