QOTD: Larry Correia.

From Facebook:

I live by the gun. I have never committed a crime with a firearm, and have trained literally thousands of people how to use one legally and safely. Several of my students are only alive because they were legally armed. I consider a gun to be a tool, and the single most effective method of self defense. If you believe I deserve to die because of that, well, you can go fuck yourself. 🙂
Belief in your “street smarts” keeping you safe is just another form of faith. You can also say that you will be saved by karma, your favorite deity, or the Easter Bunny. Good luck with that. Personally, I’ll stick with common sense and God, but I’m pretty sure He wants me to be proficient with a .45 also.

Amen Brother!

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  1. Remi Spencer said something on Red Eye last night. She knows how to use one she says..but doesn’t own one.[gun] believes that by and large that they should remain in the hands of those ‘trained’ in their use. Cops and military. Sigh…pity and she seems so intelligent most of the time. Because I suspect most of the people I know like You Miguel, and others I know of probably put more rounds through a weapon training in their use..and just shooting for fun in a month or two, than most cops do in an entire YEAR.



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