Book Day

Tomorrow I shall take a little time to drop by my local Barnes & Noble for my printed fix. Larry Correia’s Spellbound is first on the list followed by Ben Coe’s Power Down and maybe Mark Bowen’s Worm.  I never read P. J. O’Rourke and apparently he has a boatload of books written which I hate because I would hate to pick not his best and form the wrong idea about the guy. But a chance will be taken.

Unfortunately two authors have been ejected from my regular reading list: W.E.B. Griffin and Tom Clancy. They are not even writing their own books anymore and one can tall right away. It is fraudulent in my opinion.

And I am a tad pissed about a book I ordered via Amazon: Real World Survival : What Has Worked For Me by Walt Rauch. I ordered the damn thing on October 12 and so far not a peep. It ticks me off to no end that people are that irresponsible… or maybe I am such a reading addict I find that 3 weeks delivery in this day and age is inexcusable.

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    1. You do know WHY that is don’t you? One word ..DIVORCE. When his bitter bitch of a wife filed for divorce, she claimed that A. he’d been cheating on her with his long time assistant among others[which was a lie] and claimed she helped him write the books.[also a lie] He called bullshit, ended up giving Jack Ryan Enterprises to her and told her to write them her goddamn self. The judge of course ORDERED him as part of the divorce settlement to write 3 more books and then he’d be free of it. That REALLY pissed him off, but he did. BTW the timing of the divorce REALLY sucked for Tom..and I suspect it was on purpose. He went in with some other investors to try and by a major NFL franchise. Forget which team at the moment. He had to pull out of it, which pissed him off. *shrug*
      Anyway…He wrote the books. He never promised he’d make them readable and enjoyable. Then IIRC he was diagnosed with some illness or other and disappeared. I don’t hate him for it. But by the by..I haven’t read anything since the divorce because I KNEW it would be crap. Outside of the real life military stuff he’s written I don’t touch his stuff anymore.

  1. Most of what you need to know about politics can be learned from P. J. O’Rourke, HL Mencken, and Will Rogers.

    Just about anything by P. J. O’Rourke is good, I’ve read all of his stuff.

  2. I just dropped a C-note at B&M because every time I go in there I spend more than I planned to.
    All I was planning on getting was “Spellbound” but of course…
    That’s what I get for not pre-ordering it through Amazon like I should have.

        1. I know the feeling. I have notes and memos and crap all over with books I wanna buy and I am consolidating them in my wish list in Amazon. Elmer Keith is an expensive SOB to buy.

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