Who would need a gun in church?

Wisconsin Bishops, ignoring reality and the teachings of the Catechism tell parishioners to attend mass unarmed. Brady applauds.

As Brady Fan Jacqueline Kelly Darnell writes: I find unconscionable that anyone would take a weapon into a church or synagogue…a place where one goes for peace and meditation. Hopefully the gun owners in Wisconsin will respect the bishop’s position…better yet if there was an amendment enacted to prohibit guns in places of worship.

But when you live in a mental vacuum, you ignore that there are critters out there. that ignore the sanctity of church. This just happened down here in beautiful Fort Lauderdale: 2 women robbed in church parking lot.

Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki is quoted saying: The Catholic Church has a long tradition of sanctuary, allowing people feeling violence to take refuge in church buildings as a place of safety and protection.
Yo Archie, you are not supposed to offer a sanctuary for criminals to attack your flock. It kinda screws up with the collection plate’s take, y’know?

10 Replies to “Who would need a gun in church?”

  1. My house is a sanctuary of safety from violence. I enforce that sanctuary rule with the ability to retaliate with overwhelming force.

    Friends who come to me for help do not feel afraid or fearful when staying in my house. They feel liberated and safe. This is furthered by the fact I have a 1911 on my hip, as well as numerous other arms available.

    Going to church should be just the same. Parishioners should feel safe because of the willingness they have to protect each other. Any church that supports gun free zones isn’t for me. I don’t provide the illusion of security to my friends, I actually guarantee it with my life.

  2. “NEED” a gun in Church? Well, I guess that would depend if a bad guy in that Church is trying to kill you and your family or not, wouldn’t it?

  3. Sadly, many of my Church’s leaders can’t be bothered to notice basic issues like right to life; to expect them to unplug their liberal goggles for something like defense of innocents in a church is asking far, far too much.

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