Emergency Alert System questions.

The Hippie asks: What’s going on? Shall I call 911? Who is gonna save me? Will there be free Tofu yogurt?

We ask: Do I have enough ammunition or should I reload another 1,000 rounds for the new Mosin Nagant? And fire up the smoker, we are having BBQ tonite!

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  1. Start by collecting brass every chance you go to a range. Any brass. You can always swap calibers with somebody else. And you can always start with an inexpensive single stage loader from Lee

  2. I’m still going “I need to get a real gas cooker… We could be just fine burning extra clothes and furnature and such, but it’s nicer to cook with gas.”

    To Cabela’s! (those who fight wars, fire or crime– also EMS and retirees– they’re extending the employee discount to us on Vet’s day.)

  3. I love my Mosin Nagant. It was the first rifle I bought when I came of age. My first guns were smokepoles, a Whitney 3-bander rifled musket and a Richmond carbine that my father made for me back when I was in my early teens(Not including the mass of air rifles I had collected by that point.). But I picked up that Mosin Nagant at a gunshow for 150 bucks. I knew next to nothing about them at the time, but I knew was that it was unissued and spotless, all numbers matched, bore was absolutely perfect, and the bolt was smooth as glass. The only thing that I didn’t like was the black textured paint the stock was coated in. I’m guessing to hide either some really ugly wood, or more likely for the whole “tacticool” factor. It wasn’t until I got it home that I found out it was Finnish rebarrel, and the whole story behind that. That thing will gobble up whatever crap surplus junk you stuff in the magazine and still shoot great little groups all day long. I do have a couple loads worked up for it, but I still use surplus for general plinking(I treat it all as corrosive regardless of what the dealer said, rather not risk it.). But that was a total surprise, and worth every bit of the $150 I spent on it.

    I’d like to stock up on a lot more, but unlike the hippie turd in the top photo, I didn’t choose to be unemployed the last few months. So until I either find a job(In Michigan, where there are none.(Thank you, Gov. GranMole.)), or I start a small business to employ myself, I’m pretty much stuck with what I’ve got. On the other hand, my budget is so tight I can’t afford to go to the range anyway, so I guess it’s kinda irrelevant how much ammo I have, lol…. 😀

    1. Confession time… not my ammo supply. Mine is about half of that. I just don’t have the closet space. It was either ammo of SWMBO’s shoes and she won….as usual

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