“What if we Occupy Miami and nobody gave a flock?”

FINAL UPDATE: I am done watching this crap.

UPDATE (3:41 pm) And what is with the idiot wearing flowers in his head? This is Miami, not Oahu.

UPDATE (3:39 pm): I swear I just saw a buddy of man in the background. He is a federal agent……………NARC!!! 😉

UPDATE (3:32 pm): Note to Rapper on the left. It looks stupid to rant against the corporations while wearing an Adidas T-Shirt. K?

UPDATE (3:28pm): watching the live feed. There is a guy “singing” and sounds like somebody is raping a dolphin.


Occupy Miami has a Livestream feed now! Sponsored by Evil Corporations though.

The really sad part is that the ads are the best thing of the show.

Down Twinkles baby!

3 Replies to ““What if we Occupy Miami and nobody gave a flock?””

  1. Live stream sponsored by evil corporations. Hosted on corporate owned servers, through a corporate owned DNS, uploaded and downloaded over corporate owned fiber networks, etc., etc… Probably shooting it with a Canon or Sony camera attached to an Apple computer. But this is a bunch of people that think the world should run off of happy thoughts and unicorn farts. Irony really isn’t an issue. Neither is reality, for that matter.

    There is an actual Occupy Detroit, believe it or not. Luckily, the only people they get in the way of are the people heading to or from the Lions and Red Wings game. There aren’t enough people left in the post-apocalyptic dump for them to inconvenience effectively. From what I’ve seen, the vast, VAST majority of them are UAW members making a pitiful attempt to jump on the bandwagon. The rest are probably Ann Arbor hippies from U of M. I don’t know who they are trying to impress, the only reason anyone goes down there is for Baseball, Football, Hockey, gambling, or to get your car stolen so you can claim the insurance on it.

    But they have a live stream too, believe it or not. If they actually hold out much longer, which I highly doubt, I might actually watch it. It will be fun watching them turn into a bunch of communist crap-sicles in real time. The massive lake effect we get from the ginormous Great Lakes makes the winters here really fricking nasty.

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