Now this seriously pisses me off.

Some asshole by the name of Peter Thottam is organizing Occupy Rose Parade. His reason?

J.R. Martinez is not only an Iraq War soldier, he is a wounded Veteran, former infantryman with the 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division who suffered burns over 40 percent of his body when he was driving a Humvee in Karbala and hit a land mine. He is a motivational speaker and participating in Dancing with the Stars right now.

How much of a Westboro Baptist Church/Fucked up Junkie Hippie do you have to be to target the Rose Bowl because you hate a wounded Veteran?

And the sad part is that the Occupiers will probably succeed because local government in California have been rewarding their bad behavior with inaction . Their screwed up notion of the First Amendment does not include anybody else’s right to it: only theirs is valuable and you should shut up..


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  1. Miguel..swiped the whole post..reposted it over at 2×4. with all due credit of course. As I said over there..drop them in the nearest body of liquid…even if it’s a sewer. Now that I think on it..ESPECIALLY if it’s a sewer.


  2. Not only is this guy a walking sack of four day old rat feces for going after someone whose value to society outweighs his whinny, useless, and despicable ass by a factor of one to a number too big to type here, but the festering ball of puss is also a hypocrite on a scale somewhat akin to our favorite human blob Micheal Moore.

    Lil’ Petey is a perfect fit for the stereotypical mold they have for what they consider the 1% of the Evil Capitalistic Empire. Goldman Sachs alum, former corporate lawyer for massive firm, attended several of the “Elite” schools. Yeah, I’m sure he’s really downtrodden. Though he does appear to be stupid in an epic sort of way. Charged with petty theft over an incident where he tried to sell some textbooks he had to a college bookstore, and had a hissy fit because they refused to pay him the full retail price for them. So he responded by walking out with two books he didn’t pay for that were worth about $71. Because, you know, that’s what rational people do when they don’t get their way. Anyway, the turd didn’t bother to report his conviction to the state bar, and they ended up suspending his law license when they discovered his omission of that minor little detail. Which I’m sure he justified by declaring himself innocent of any wrong doing in the court of his own mind.

    So the little prick has no business judging anyone, and especially someone who had the conviction to serve his country by putting his money, or more accurately, his life, where his mouth was and going off to fight and defend the rest of us back home so we can go about our own lives in peace and comfort. That alone makes his used wads of toilet paper more valuable to American Society than all the butthurt, infantile “occupiers” combined. And quite frankly, the ego of this little crapstick is enough that I’d like to meet him, break my foot off in his ass, and rip off his arm to beat him to death with it. But since that would be sinking to his (Sub-human)level. Instead, I just pray that karma is a fast, hard-hitting, and relentless bitch for him.



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