About Restoring Felon’s Rights: Just the Right to Vote and only if they vote Democrat.

The New York Times is having a seizure today. Apparently they found out that once a Felon has his rights restored, one of them is the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. And what do you know? Apparently bad people with guns do bad things. No shit Sherlock.

For years Liberals have beaten the drum of Rights Restoration for Felons and many states caved in to the pressure. As a matter of fact, the own NYT on an article published the week before, laments that five million Americans will not be able to vote because they are disenfranchised by a previous felony conviction. As usual what they never saw coming was that when you restore the Rights of an individual, you have to restore all of them and not what you want to pick and choose. It has been dogma that Jimmy Jose J’Quan, local coke dealer slashed the living crap out of his girlfriend, shot three of his customers and led police on a three county chase that ended with the misunderstood fella crashing into a school bus full of handicapped kids served his sentence and should have his Rights restored so he could vote for the Democratic ticket that helped plea down his original multiple murder & drug trafficking charges to reckless driving and involuntary manslaughter with five years sentence and served only two and a half for good behavior.

But the NYT says that the real culprit behind this madness is (drum roll ) the NRA! Holy crap! I never saw that coming! <snicker> OK NYT reporters, as a Public Service from this blog, I leave you with this video in the hope you are able to detect your problem:

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