Follow D.A. Bryce’s advice

Approach everyone with smile in your face and murder in your heart.
Delf. A. Bryce. FBI Agent and amazing gunfighter.

Why would I use such an politically incorrect quote? Because you never know what lurks in the heart of a person you are about to meet as two people found out the hard way. They were just answering a job ad in Craiglist that turned out to be an invitation to attend their deaths.

It is good to see that in our so-called modern times, there are trusty people that believe in the goodness of their fellow human beings. I am not one of them.

2 Replies to “Follow D.A. Bryce’s advice”

  1. This is what I was taught at the police academy:
    Be polite
    Be professional.
    And have a plan to to kill everyone you meet.

    Haven’t had to augment the plan yet, lo’ these many years. But this is *always* a plan. Maybe that’s why ?


  2. @Tom, isn’t that TF2 teaching you that (see: Meet the Sniper)?

    I was taught to be careful where to put my trust. I work with computers, and I only trust computers that I’m the sole user of for example. Assume the rest are infected and don’t put any personal details into them.

    Same attitude I bring to the rest of life, armed or not. I’m willing to trust people for basic things, but not beyond that. And come on, they were asked to bring all their possessions? That’s not an issue of trust, that’s just an issue of common sense.



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