Why belong to the NRA?

For a while now, the cool-hipster-“occupy” trend in the interweb is to bash the NRA for every Second Amendment thing that does not go according to the timetable and desires of some. Funny thing happened while they were bashing the NRA and doing nothing else: The NRA got shit done.

We are suffering from the malady of Instant Gratification. The “I want my stuff/results/conveniences right this second or I’ll cry till I turn blue” permeates pretty much every level of our country and when mixed with an “all or nothing” attitude, it makes for poor decision making. Wars against a powerful enemy are not won by grandstanding but by attrition properly fueled with patience but patience seems to be lacking in this day and age.

Thirty years ago many were betting that a complete ban on firearms possession by civilians was just around the corner and the thought of Shall Issue carry was a laughable dream. Today it is not only a reality, but yesterday we actually had Congress approve National Reciprocity without any choking amendments or provisions and UN Anti Gunners bemoan the fact that three hundred million firearms are in the hands of U.S. citizens and that is almost half the small arms in the World.

And while the Usual Suspects were carting people from all over to use as heart wrenching backdrop to their latest Anti Second Amendment effort (Fix Gun Checks Bill) while the solitary Dave Kopel stood alone and firm and taking it directly to Senator Schummer, provisions were added to the minibus bill to counter & stop sneaky ATF regulations and other efforts by the government.

I am not going to continue with recitations, but it is clear that for many people the NRA does not move fast enough or loud enough, it surely moves quietly where others have to shout way back there in the starting line, their wheels spinning while getting nothing done.

3 Replies to “Why belong to the NRA?”

  1. Step 1: become a life member of the NRA.
    Step 2: become a life member of the SAF.
    Step 3: complain they aren’t doing enough.

    I don’t mind people at step 3, as long as they’ve done steps 1&2.

  2. When I was last an NRA member I couldn’t get them to stop calling me begging for money. I asked them to stop because I would (and did) willingly donate when I could afford it. They only stopped calling when I stopped renewing my membership.

    SAF gets that donation now because they don’t harass me.

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