Gun Safety Rules South Florida Style. (Graphic Content Warning)

When I remember and have the chance, I tell New Shooters of our Club’s Gun Safety Rules As Told By The Safety Officer:

1) Don’t shoot me.
2) Don’t shoot anybody else.
3) Don’t shoot yourself.
Make sure you follow Rules #1 and #2 religiously. If you don’t, people will shoot you back.

The New shooters usually laugh till they realize I am looking at them with a stern face and then they get very quiet. Of course we are not gonna shoot them, but leaving the doubt in their minds makes for a very safe shooting environment.

Harsh you say? Beats being shot accidentally.

7 Replies to “Gun Safety Rules South Florida Style. (Graphic Content Warning)”

  1. I can’t imagine what all the kings horses and all the kings men could make of that hand.

    Something tells me it isn’t good for much beyond muffling a yawn these days.


  2. That makes MY hand hurt. Kind of reminds me of the Naval Safety Center poster warning us airdales to take our rings off before going out to the flight line.


    1. You took my comment.

      Well, I wouldn’t be yelling “ow”. I’d be yelling a string of curses in English, Tagalog, Japanese, German, Russian* and crying like a little girl.

      *I don’t know J/G/R in any speaking capability, only curses.



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