Shit My Students Write: You’ll laugh while shedding tears.

Shit My Students Write is a blog dedicated to share seriously stupid examples of … I really don’t know what to call it. Stuff like:

Dollree Mapp’s house was entered illegally by law enforcement officials without a labial search warrant.


The Octopus of Apathy is spreading its testicles throughout the land.

Done laughing? Now remember that these are the people that are supposed to take care of our country when we are ready to retire.

2 Replies to “Shit My Students Write: You’ll laugh while shedding tears.”

  1. Hey! I tried to not be this stupid! D:

    Also: “This paper studies the use of alcohol between different American genders such as Hispanic and Cuban.” <– give me an hour with me baiting this and it'll become an interdisciplinary program in a semester. XD related

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