7 Replies to “My brain hurts. Help!”

  1. Alleged Journalist Allegedly Capable of Writing Accurate Story

    Calling a horse a bicycle does not make his poop vanish and calling the TEC-9 an assault rifle is a very, very big pile of horse poop.

    The text is even worse. Why there isn’t seismic activity reported out of Germany for referring to the TEC-9 as a Luger is puzzling. An entire family should be spinning in their graves for that crime against intelligence.

    Considering the accuracy represented in this story I’d be unsurprised to find that the police broke in on a 72 year old woman putting her laundry soap into separate baggies for washing multiple loads at the coin operated laundry instead of hauling the big box with her.

  2. It’s not even a Tec9, It’s a Kimel AP9! News agencies really need to hire people like us to correctly identify these things!

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