VPC: Clutching at straws

From their Twitter Feed:

So are you gonna include in your feed all those who dies in car accident with a drivers license too? If they do not have a drivers license, they can’t drive and we would not have over 30,000 fatalities each year. BAN DRIVERS LICENSES!


2 Replies to “VPC: Clutching at straws”

  1. Well also they’re countering a rebuttal nobody made.

    Nobody said that guns were safe and such accidents can’t happen (especially with the likely safety violations that happened in this accident)

    Nobody said gun owners will just naturally stop ALL CRIME (BTW note how indignant when we point out criminals disobeying the law…double standards are twice as good!)

    Nobody said we want to arm everybody all the time.

    Couple this all the efforts they take to avoid direct communication with pro-rights advocates really shows what a rough spot they’re in.

  2. You know, you would think that they might want to point out that the guy who shot himself was an idiot and carrying the weapon Mexican style in his waist band without a holster…. But wait that would require them to be fair and balanced…


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