7 Replies to “VPC: John Wilkes Booth had a Concealed Gun Permit.”

  1. Fun fact, according to the ATF the weapon used to kill said President isn’t a “Firearm” so unless the state has a cap-and-ball rider in the law you don’t need a permit to lug around a Philadelphia Derringer.

    Sic Semper Tyranis!

  2. Miguel..I know it’s good to know what the enemy is thinking, I occasionally wander over to the local occupy website to see what their up to. That being said…when you post the screen caps from these fb wall posts from VPC, Brady and others, I feel my IQ drop several points..

    1. Don’t worry, any kind of medical need you may have will be covered by Obamacare. 🙂

      I am doing the captures because in the past, they have removed posts that have gone south and we know they are not the most honest people in the world.

      1. Oh I know..they’re continued existence though is a mystery and a frustration to me. A frustration that people can be so willfully and blindingly STUPID.

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