Anytime, anywhere

I live in a quiet neighborhood in North West Miami Dade County just a stone’s throw from the Everglades. Violent crime is so rare kids actually play on the streets and they do the Halloween house by house candy raid.

Yesterday morning while I was doing some work on my laptop and enjoying the mild weather in my back porch, I heard what seemed to be all the Police and Fire Rescue sirens come on at once. Since the Florida Turnpike exit is nearby, I thought there might be a nasty accident on the entrance or exit ramp. Not 5 minutes later, news choppers were flying the area but it was not an accident.

A husband, for reasons yet unknown, went into the restaurant where her wife worked as a cook and shot her twice in the head.

I drive by this place every single day. It is just 6 blocks from my house, the house in a quiet neighborhood. But when a killer’s mind is made, there is no “quiet neighborhood” or “safe place”, there is just a location for a murder to happen.

And that is why I not only carry when I go out but I have a weapon always at arms length when I am at home. The saying goes: “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” Even though the shooter only aimed his ire against the wife, nobody else in the restaurant was armed and it was only by the grace of God and a sick one-track mind that nobody else got shot.

It seems that they got the husband who went out in a confrontation with Miami-Dade Police.

There. Is. No. Safe. Haven. Anywhere.