Wishful & Dangerous Thinking

Found this little photo in the interwebs:

I have no idea where was it taken or what kind of march was it, but strikes me as one of the dumbest & dangerous things I have seen in quite a while.

The concept that all what ails our world can be fixed with “feel-good” education and laws is terrifying. Real education has taught us that most (if not all) rapists are mentally unbalanced individuals that more than sex, seek power over their victims. You cannot “educate” this type of individual and about the only way to modify his behavior is with radical & invasive procedures once he is in custody. The discussion about the humanity or constitutionality of such procedures are subject for other discussion.

Demeaning the idea of “Don’t get raped” is asking potential victims that they are not responsible for their safety but that society should take care of you. The same crowd will also tell you that defending yourself is somehow morally wrong and you shouldn’t do it. At most they will tell you to scream real loud, blow a whistle call 911, vomit, pretend they have a disease or are pregnant, etc.

At the end it all comes to the same result, more rape victims and more calls for funding education on “Do Not Rape”.

Ladies, be aware, fight with all your might if necessary and have the tools that will allow you to overcome your attacker. That will teach them “Do Not Rape” better than any silly social program.

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  1. AKA: This crowd asks you to bend down and grab your ankles and not standing up to give a swift kick to the guy’s balls and if need be, two in the chest.

  2. I think we can all get along and endorse both view points; if one is slightly modified.

    1) Don’t get raped, by virtue of carrying a firearm and being proficient in its use.

    2) Don’t rape, or the person you try it on will put two in your center of mass and one in your forehead.

    See, that works much better. After we cull the herd of them, the problem is solved.

    Anyone who objects to this is one the side of the violent criminal.

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