It takes one idiot to make a long lasting impression.

I hate Range Nazis and that is double if they are misogynistic bastards that see a female shooter under the “Here little Lady, why don’t you shoot a .22 so you don’t get hurt” light.

With more and more women joining the ranks of self-defense training, it behooves us that we are true ambassadors of the Gun Culture and offer our support and our utmost politeness to every single female that steps in a range. Behavior like the one suffered by Warrior Knitter as told in her blog must not be tolerated ever. That “instructor” should be drummed out and sent to be a receptionist at the Brady Center.

In my humble opinion, he should have shot the bastard in the boys with a bean bag.


One Reply to “It takes one idiot to make a long lasting impression.”

  1. Sounds like a Grade A douchebag; it’s assholes like that who give gunnies a bad name and discourage women from participating in shooting.



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