Sometimes we get carried away.

After the IDPA match Saturday, some of the shooters decided to adjourn to the nearest Flanigan’s for food, beverages (adult & otherwise) and just conversation. The post meal conversation was centered on scoring issue and if a shooter having to slice the pie, shoots targets out of order and if he is to receive one or two procedural penalties for it.

After a while I looked at a table nearby and saw two males and a female eating, very quietly and throwing nervous glances at our table. It was then I realized that our conversation might had something to do with it since we were saying stuff like “No, if you shoot this guy (IDPA Cardboard target) first and then this other guy, you are getting two Ps.”  or “Remember that everybody gets shot once before getting seconds.” For a Saturday afternoon in a grill bar filled with TVs showing football games & other sports, our section was pretty quiet.

Shortly after that, we left our table and went home. Later on the club’s forum I made the comment about the family and several of the other shooters commented that it was not that table alone but everybody in our section was pretty much quiet and with their faces buried in their plates.

Lessons learned: We are going deaf, we are too loud sometimes and talking about shooting in a restaurant right smack in the middle of ultra Democratic Broward county may scare some folks. Our job is not done yet.

At least nobody called the cops!

PS: I had the Texas Burger. Fully recommended!

Our whopping 10 ounce, fresh, never frozen, charbroiled beef burger, topped with crumbled
bleu cheese, two strips of bacon, a stack of tumbleweed onions, and drizzled with our
homemade wing sauce… Texas Bold and Texas Big!

3 Replies to “Sometimes we get carried away.”

  1. Consider the other perspective — you might have scared folks but you also might have peaked a few people’s interest.

    No offense but watching the videos, it doesn’t appear as if any of you guys are hardcore skinheads, muscle bound SpecOps types.

    You look like what you are — someone’s dad, uncle, brother — and you were talking about a sport you enjoyed. Given the fact you were talking about rules, penalties, etc it was obviously a sport.

    And no one called the cops.
    No one stormed out of the restaurant in protest.
    No one called the manager over and asked them to shut you down.

    We need more people talking about the sport, not less.

    We need more people talking about their firearms as sporting equipment.

    You did good in my opinion.

    1. Bob, you are so right. The most “abused” prospective SO is a fireman, the instructor “berating” him is a truck driver. The crazy shooter is the club’s president and has a video company,
      At the table there was only one person with Military background, the rest were 2 therapists and an executive.
      We have some LEOs and people that are and were in the military and they are the coolest people you can meet. But I’d say 85% of the members are just regular people. Hell, even lawyers! 🙂

      Thanks !

    2. I’m willing to bet that you were just too loud and ruining their own heavenly experience with that burger that turns my home made into second class food.

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