Holy Crap! South Florida is full of terrorists!

Under the proposed Deaprtment of Justice guidelines to detain terrorists suspects, if you happen to have guns, ammunition, food for seven days or happen to have digits missing from your hands, you can be detained.

Who would have thought that hurricane preparations would make you a terrorist? And somebody had been watching The Kingdom and The Hurt Locker one too many times.

This is not new. During the 90s and the crazy fear of Militia groups, pretty much the same hysteria. Some congressmen tried to introduce legislation to forbid people from stocking food, fuel and basic supplies. They were unrelenting and passed restrictions on gun ownership (Assault Weapons Ban) and even wanted to prohibit books that were deemed “dangerous” although none of them were from know socialist or communist sources.

I guess they rather see people living in a Post Katrina way than self sufficient.

Seriously, we need to vote out the current bunch of morons.
(h/t Say Uncle)

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  1. Once upon a time I wrote the ready.gov website after I had noted that firearms were absent from their list and they bleated back that I should pack what I think I would need. Funny how an obvious item, supported by our Constitution, is ignored by our government. Could it be they want us pliable and dependent? Nah!

  2. Seven days? Shucks, we make a two week menu and try to do all the shopping on one day, and always have excess of staples. Why? Not just because we live in FL where if a hurricane hits it can be a week or longer before things are back to bearable, not just because it’s a good idea, not just because it’s what rational thinking adults with the ability to plan ahead DO… No, it’s also because the grocery buyer in the house gets paid every two weeks and has to ration her money so that it covers her bills, and because grocery shopping SUCKS!!!

    1. I hear the women are hot AND friendly..alas…hard to experience that from behind a chain link fence. *shrug* maybe the guards arrange ‘visits’ to let off some steam…

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