M.H.I. East Tennessee Branch Patch!

Courtesy of Linoge I got his Team Patch, yeah!
East Tennesee MHI are also known as the Tritium Gang (Glow in the dark joke.) Since 1944, the team are the experts in radiation-mutated monsters for the whole world. Based out of Knoxville, they are tough as they come. They drink lemonade made with  Heavy Water and use graphite for combat make-up. There is the persistent rumor that one Ronnie Barret used to be a Hunter before he decided to retire and dedicate himself to the design and creation of weapons that can reach out and touch monster where they hurt the most.

7 Replies to “M.H.I. East Tennessee Branch Patch!”

  1. Okay, you got to educate me on who these people are and what…I keep seeing these MHI stuff pop up.

  2. Go on the Barnes and Noble site and check if your local B&N has this book:

    Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia.

    If they do, leave the damn computer and go buy it RTFN.

    And of course, read it.

  3. Where could one purchase one of those? My better half is from just outside of Knoxville, and I think that would be a nice addition to her range bag…

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