A New Generation: Young Podcasters are very welcome.

My ancient Ipod Mini carries the veritable Old Fart collection of Music (Mostly pre-80s sans Disco und Crap-Rap) and the obligatory Gun Podcasts from the established authors.

But I am enjoying a the new generation of young guns podcasting their introduction and growth in the Gun Culture. Just like when we started in the Interwebs paying by the hour of access and gathering in the old rec.guns location and thought it was the coolest stuff since the introduction of hollow points for self defense, this new bunch has taken over the advanced media that is now available to basically everybody who lives nearby a Best Buy.

It is fun to see them grow into the Gun Culture at an accelerated pace. It is like they are growing in a hydroponics garden absorbing what was done before, processing it and sharing it with the rest of their “posse” (God, that was lame.) And amazingly they are very open to suggestions and advice from us old codgers which makes them twice as smart as we were. They are willing to correct mistakes, take chances and learn new stuff without fear of their egos being hurt. If the advice does not work, no problem, it might for somebody else. If it works, they appreciate it.

I’ll be creating a podcast list of links in my blogroll soon, but in the meantime you may want to check the following nutjobs. They are raw, unpolished and sometimes a pain in the ass, but we were once like that too.

Liberty Or Zombie Podcast: If we were in the 50s, they’d be bohemians. Allan Gingsberg is dating Gidget and she is into some kinky stuff.

Shooting the Breeze Podcast: Do you remember Orson Wells sitting in his confy chair with a cigar and a brandy? Similar, but talking with more sense and without raising your desire of kicking his smug ass.

The RoadGunner Podcast: Guns from a the cab of a tractor trailer. It brought memories of Ali McGraw changing shirts on the back while Kris Kristofferson is busting police cars. with his rig. Chester (Not his real name…yet) is lot less violent and only travels with dogs. Musical Theme: Ramblin’ Man by The Allman Brothers

Empty Mags Podcast: He is trying to be the serious one of the bunch. I suspect he has ulterior motives. Somebody said he is into gun podcasting because it is a Gun Babe magnet. Chicks with guns are hot plus armed back up is cool.

Enjoys these four in the meantime. So far they have done over 10 podcasts (my arbitrary rule indicating they don’t appear to be a fire and forget podcast) and they are making incredible strides improving their performances. Most of the time… 🙂