Imagine Brady, they are so racist!

Brady is doing the obligatory John Lennon’s Death Anniversary “He could have been saved only if you do it our way” extravaganza in Facebook.

They are still intent on the idea that they can guarantee 100% success rate detecting crazy people, which even them know it is impossible. But it matters not because the intent is to ban private ownership of firearms after the do the Mea Culpa and say the mandatory psych check cannot guarantee that an insane person will not have access to guns.

What I want to point out their constant use of racist and prejudiced arguments against gun ownership:
What is it with the “Civilized” tag? Is Ms. Ritz implying that with the exception of the US and selected others, the rest of the world is populated by people wearing loincloths and living in straw huts? It is like their universal truth of Less Guns = Less Crimes only applies to Countries that in their opinion have Starbucks and free WiFi, true symbols of a civilized society like Chicago, L.A. or London (before the riots anyway.)

Anti Gunners protest loudly when they are reminded of the Racist Roots of Gun Control, but their own speech and thoughts betray them. From the “Civilized” tag to the local Council member asking his city to be allowed to impose gun control restrictions because they are “too urban” it is clear to see that they firmly believe they believe themselves are the selected leaders to reign over the less educated and members of the oppressed groups:

Gun laws in Montana, which has about six cowboys and a few horses and little else, should not be the same as gun laws in New York. And Florida. And other states with urban areas where gun violence is too commonplace
Gary Stein, Sun Sentinel.

I imagine Mr. Stein is worried about them Negros and Wetbacks of South Florida packing heat and spoiling his outing of whine, cheese and BS conversation during the Art Basel. Them minorities should be kept on check and only be used to clean after they leave for their private security protected condos, right Mr. Stein?

Anyway, they are fighting a losing war. Screw them and their racist thoughts. The only difference between them and the Klan is one buys the bedsheets at WalMart and the other buys them at Macy’s.

And no, I am not an anti art heathen. but I am selective. Take sculpture for instance: Instead of three tons scrap metal thrown together and called the “Muse of Athena Farfisa,” I go for something more classic like Frederick Remington.

Coming Through the Rye, Frederic S. Remington

Oh Gee! They have guns too!

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  1. Ironically, the so called “ucivilized” or “third world” countries often combine draconian gun laws with staggering amounts of violence. See also Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Venezuala… we could go on. Just because guns are banned doesn’t mean people won’t make them, smuggle them in, buy them from the police (such a frequent occurence here), ‘steal’ them from the army… or just use whatever comes to hand. Getting chopped to death via bush knife isn’t ‘gun violence’, but it is still fatal.



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