Brady and Virginia Tech suffer from Learning Disabilities.

So it happened again. Another shooting in the Virginia Tech Campus ending up with the death of a police officer and the perpetrator. Details are still sketchy but the Bradys went into full panic mode.

And now to the specific quotes:
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: Please, no more!
The definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing over and over and expect a different result. You kept saying that a Gun Free Campus would not suffer from crime even before the VT massacre, you were wrong then and you were wrong now.

Leonard Hawke: Damn NRA
Lenny, don’t shoot the messenger. They were warned that the false sense of security of declaring VT a Gun Free Zone could be deadly and it has, again.

Joe Mooring: I have a child at VA Tech. I just donated to the Brady Campaign. Seemed like a good idea…
I bet they feel the same way, they have been short of cash lately and had to sell your info to “selected merchants.”

Elizabeth Jablonski: When in the world will this ever stop? It seems like it is getting worse as time goes on. Are our great-grandchildren going to have to wear bullet-proof vests in school.
Just ask our cousins in the Gun Free British Isles. Kevlar-lined uniforms for school children are all the rage up there. That is one for the FAIL column in my opinion.

I am done asking if they will ever learn. It is now clear that they have a learning disability because nobody can be that purposedly wrong so many times in a row.

Nonverbal learning disabilities often manifest in motor clumsiness, poor visual-spatial skills, problematic social relationships, difficulty with math, and poor organizational skills.

Yep, sort of fits.

UPDATE: All Nine Yards writes about the VT Response System and how good was it.

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  1. Gun free zones are killing zones, something the Brady boobs will never understand. I bet the usual suspects in Congress will be screaming about more gun control today. Carolyn (shoulder thing that goes up) McCarthy will probably be leading the charge.

    This close to the holidays and the officers 5 children will be without their father. That’s a bad deal and I truly feel for them. I didn’t see the Brady boobs say anything about that. They are just happy that they have some victim blood to dance in. What a bunch of scumbags.


    1. Get on it. I wanna have it in my hands in time for the February homecoming at my school. What better way to lose Alumni privileges than to wear that!


      1. lol..I’ll think about it. of course once I get the design down..where the fuck do I take it so it can be sold..that doesn’t cost ME anything?


  2. Maybe for the next gun motivator, your have a Gun free zone sign with a caption “signs, That will stop’em” or something like that.


  3. Once again, the “gun control” extremists are perfectly willing, able, and eager to blame anything and anyone other than the person actually behind the trigger.

    Screw them. Leaning from the misfortunes of others is one thing, but actively exploiting the murders of innocents to further their own anti-rights agenda? They abandoned the moral high ground years ago.



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