Gun Free Gas Stations?

I realize that whenever a state passes Shall Issue Carry, the Demented Ones slip off the straight jackets and start proposing idiotic laws. But I have to say this one is a new record in foolishness.

Bill would ban guns from gas stations.

There’s no doubt that around parts of Milwaukee, plenty of shootings and armed robberies occcur at gas stations. Zepnick’s bill would essentially treat stations like some of the other places even CCW permit holders would have to disarm, like courthouses, prisons and schools. But it would also allow the usual exceptions for police, corrections officers, miltary personnel and private security guards who are on duty.
But going armed at a station would be a felony punishable by up to 18 months in prison.

They hate the Shall Issue thing in Wisconsin, don’t they? Have no doubt that the law is aimed at CCW Permit Holders.

We are supposed to believe that a criminal that is about to commit armed robbery (Class C felony) on a gas station and can face up to 40 years in jail, will somehow change his mind because he can actually serve 18 months for taking a gun into the newfangled Gun Free Zone Gas Station.

Cheesehead please!

(h/t to Black Man With A Gun)

6 Replies to “Gun Free Gas Stations?”

  1. I’m sure I read about this bill from the same place you did.

    This is just a fucked-up hail-Mary pass for the antis as they lose EVERYTHING they hold dear.

    This has ZERO chance of passing, but the Antis are boosting it up out of sheer desperation…and nobody but us will notice.


  2. Once again, the “gun control” extremists go out of their way to endorse a law that will have no bearing on criminals whatsoever (primarily because they will ignore it and no one will be the wiser) but will detrimentally affect law-abiding citizens on a daily basis. In other words, they are simultaneously aiding and abetting criminals by providing them yet another area where potential victims will be unarmed and defenseless, and they are substantiating the meme that “gun owners are the new n-word” (gas stations / water fountains).


  3. As one who has worked at Stop N Robs, I can honestly say this man and those that support this bill are pro criminal and pro murder, and wants me and other killed.



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