Safe AK Safety Use.

We AK shooters have the tendency to manipulate our rifle with a bit less than safe and it is due to the annoyingly hard to operate safety lever.

As usual we tend to gunsmith a problem instead of solving it with proper training.

Adding a knob to help with leverage was the first thing done till somebody came up with an improved safety lever.
Still it takes a lot of index finger power to release the safety and basically the whole hand to re-engage it. But in this short video, Travis Haley shows us that a bit of practice is all we need to safely engage and dis engage the AK Safety Lever.

Never solve with gunsmithing what can be achieved with training.

5 Replies to “Safe AK Safety Use.”

  1. Yup. But I still had a gunsmith adjust the tension on my safety because my Arsenal safety lever was so stiff that even the instructor at the Kalasnikov Rifle Gunfighting course I took was unable to operate it using the same technique Haley show in the video. Works great now.

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