5 Replies to “Kids and “assault weapons” apparently do mix.”

  1. When do they award the teen with a medal?

    Hey Brady Campaign, what’s your response to this?
    This disproves your damn lies that firearms are evil.
    Would the BC like to state for the record that 2 dead kids would have be better?

  2. This actually happened about 18 months ago. I remember hearing a radio interview of the father who describes what the son did. According to dad, the son, standing at the top of the stairs shot the home invader who tried to surrender. The son had barricaded his 12 year old sister in a room behind him and stood between the room and the threat. Then the son told him to crawl back out the window and get lost. Dad was proud that his son didn’t just execute the surrendered criminals.

    So it’s worse for the anti-gunners than they ever could understand. We have a 15 year old in possession of an evil black rifle, who used it to shoot a home invader. When the suspect surrendered, the 15 year old had the presence of mind to follow the law and allow the suspect to retreat to safety.

    The anti-gunners would have you believe that the kid, left in possession of a dangerous “assault weapon” would drink all of his dad’s hooch, machine gun the dog, endanger the neighbors, and kill his sister by burning down the house.

    I wonder what kind of home life the anti-gunners have.

    1. True..but DAMN I LOVE MY STATE! That was about 20miles or so from where I live. I live on the south side of the city.

      And the kid would have been within his rights to shoot the son of a bitch dead . all he would have to say when was..”I feared for me and my sister…and honored the threat.” For me it begins and ends with ‘A mans’s home in his castle” IOW if you break into someones home, your right to continue living and breathing is revoked.

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