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Gun Show Loophole? Failed. Assault Clip? Failed. Pack Hit In The Streets? Failed. So, what do you do when everything you tried has failed miserably? Try again!

Fighting against the dizziness that comes while you slowly spin into the drain of oblivion, the Brady Campaign now lunches (the name was selected because TooManyVictimsOfGunViolenceAndTheRestWeDon’ apparently was too long) intended to shine their 0.5 lumen spotlight on victims of gun violence. Do remember, the criminal is not to blame for his actions, no sir! The gun, the NRA and us are the ones to blame!

They provide you with a nice form so people can add the name, pic or vid and a story of a loved one who died by gun violence (remember, any other types of violence are not valid, they do not count) and it is only through the influence of my better angels that I do not fill their site with pics and stories of criminals who were victims of gun violence provided by their intended victims. Let’s face it, the poor dead criminals are also victims of the Gun Lobby.

I am not linking to their site, I already visited once and that is all the support I want to give them.

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  1. Why are you so supportive of criminals? They ARE to blame for their actions and they don’t deserve pity if they get shot while trying to attack somebody else. Criminals are NOT victims and don’t deserve to be memorialized.

    What is wrong with you?

    1. Expanding gun laws to increase the likelihood that mentally unstable people have access to guns does nothing to reduce crime. It only adds to the general lawlessness, hostility and angst in our communities.

      The NRA is an accomplice to gun-related violence by its sheer irrationality, its hubris and its dishonest campaigns to place reasonable restrictions on certain aspects of gun-related violence. One can hardly justify ownership of AK-47’s as “protection” nor does one need multi-load gun clips like to re-fill automatic weapons.

      1. @Tom, you do realize that you spouted multiple factual errors and smears that undermine your credibility?

        If you had any grasp of this issue, and followed blogs like this, you would realize that gun control groups are:
        1) not interested in the truth (failure to acknowledge innate right of self-defense and that more guns = less crime)
        2) use dishonest statistics (e.g 25 year old “children”)
        3) make wild claims (e.g. blood will run in the streets)
        4) advocate for laws that are USELESS for reducing crime (e.g. gun free zones, gun a month, registration, smart guns, magazine [not clip!] restrictions, waiting periods, caliber restrictions)

        Since you did not do your homework, I doubt that anything I say will sway you. Perhaps a close encounter with a violent criminal might convince you of their utility. Hopefully, that will never occur to you, but it remains a real possibility for many Americans, hence why we have millions upon millions who choose to own firearms lawfully and responsibly. Get over it.

        Instead of ranting about decent citizens, focus your anger at criminals and when our justice system fails to punish them. They are the problem, not people like me.

      2. One can hardly justify ownership of AK-47′s as “protection” nor does one need multi-load gun clips like to re-fill automatic weapons.

        An AK for protection is an awesome weapon and I know from personal experience after Hurricane Katrina when three critters thought the old fart having a smoke sitting by the front door of his house was an easy mark. Just the display of the weapon was enough for the misguided youth to reconsider their initial thoughts and leave the neighborhood in a hurry.

        And what in the name of the Good Lord is a multi load clip? A clip that holds more than 50 pages securely?

        One last point: “Need” is a poor and dangerous measurement when applied to Constitutional Rights. Give yourself a second and think how the concept of “Need” might be misapplied to the rest of the Bill Of Rights. And if you think it can’t happen, you are a bigger fool than you initially appear.

        1. No..calling him a fool, at first glance is A. giving him waaay too much credit; and B. an insult to fools. A fool at least has the merit of marginally entertaining. This guy ain’t even close.

  2. It is true what they say: Irony sometimes does not translate well over the interwebs.
    Glenda, you may want to read a bit more of my blog before passing sentence.

    1. Miguel,
      that wasn’t irony that was out and out sarcasm. Alas it seems that Glenda missed that. I wonder if I went over there..made up a sad sob story about how my grandmother was gunned down by someone with an evil ‘black assault rifle’ in the streets…if they’d post it? It would be an outright lie of course. One grandmother finally succumbed to some of the wonderous side effects of Alzheimers and the other just died of plain, old age.

  3. so if I go there and…
    “I had this friend who had a wife he loved and a couple kids he played with all the time… one day he was asleep in his home when some CCW owners broke in the door and killed him for no reason… can you help me set up a memorial fund for his wife and children? I’d really love to see these murderers punished with life sentences. Send donations to Jose Guerena Memorial Fund, c/o… ”
    I wonder if they’d get the point?

  4. Since they are asking for victims, I should volunteer to put my Dad up there. He was killed by falling down some stairs.

    Yeah, I know: it didn’t involve a gun. (Perhaps I could claim that the plastic basket he was carrying up the stairs *could* have been made into a gun, and the clothes, properly treated, *could* have been made into gunpowder…so I guess he really was carrying a loaded gun…and the basket probably contributed to his losing balance…) It’s kindof funny, though: my Dad is just as dead as if he had been shot in the head, and I can’t imagine his death being any sadder…

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