Trolling VPC.

Violence Policy Center posted this little tidbit in Facebook:

Dear Evil Princess hold your fire. There is a method to the madness.

The former ACORN worker who now works as Media Engineer for VPC wasted no time and deleted my post.
Challenge accepted!
Conundrum time. That is not the message they want to publish so an explanation apparently is required. And a reply mandatory.
Of course, addressing as “misogynistic” the stalwarts of the Violence Policy Center did not go well, so the next step is the one we all have come to expect and love.
Gun control advocates are misogynistic. They do believe that a woman raped and strangled is morally superior to a woman with a smoking gun and a dead rapist at her feet. Plus they do not care much for open discussions…. mostly because they lose all the time.

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  1. MIquel, I have to say I admire you for this. I know it’s important work, but somehow, playing with mental midgets and defectives like the VPC and the Brady bunch just doesn’t work for me. I don’t have the patience.

    It’s like Robin Williams used to say that if a flasher should hassle a young girl, she should say, “I don’t do miniatures”. I have a hard time dealing with the miniatures at VPC.

    On the other hand, I know it’s deadly serious and important work, so thank you for doing it. As I say, I admire your tenacity.

  2. I got thinking of a while back when BobS would submit similar comments, one under his real name, and others under an alias on Joan’s site.

    Joan Peterson admitted she just didn’t like Bob and deleted his posts out of spite.

    tee hee

  3. SiGraybeard: It is not a secret to us that if a group of people is not keen on the Second Amendment, they will also see the rest of the Bill of Rights as “flexible” and “use as needed, dispose properly when done.” Their refusal to engage in open discussion hurts them more than any shrill anti-gun comment they can make. If we compare blogs/social media, ours will allow their side to comment almost freely while they have no qualms in editing/deleting what they do not like or shows what anti freedom they really are.
    And I understand where are you coming from. I find myself quoting Reagan and saying “There you go again.” almost on a daily basis when checking VPC, CSGV and the Bradys but I owe it to the new kids coming after us to show them the ropes, tactics and foundation to our cause. Let’s them do the CQB while we do the sniping from our comfy recliners 😉

  4. When gun-control advocates complain that, if they don’t delete pro-gun comments, they would be *flooded* with pro-gun comments, I have a little bit of sympathy for them–a teeny, tiny, itty-bitty bit of sympathy–because it can be overwhelming when you state an idea, and you get a flood of opposition to it.

    But then I realize that if they had said something equally absurd–say, for example, that the Holocaust didn’t really occur–then it’s to be expected to get a flood of comments, filled with logic and facts, explaining just how the Holocaust did occur, and why we should respect the rights of individuals, to prevent such a hideous thing from occurring again.

    And, with this thought, my sympathy completely vanishes! :.P to the Brady Campaign and their ilk, and to the tyranny they promote!

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