Sons of Guns: Never trust Reality TV.

I got tired of the show early on. Will Hayden’s antics and the idea that he was “creating” amazing gun designs that were nothing but rehashes from earlier guns got old really quick. But the show was popular and the meme was that he was presenting a nice face to the community.

But as usual, what’s on TV is not as real as they want you to believe. According to TMZ, the Hydens do not have an FFL because they had some trouble back in 2009. That means they were unable to do business prior to the beginning of the show. The way it reads, they probably had bookkepping issues which is not unheard of and that is maybe why they are not serving time in a Fed Pen.

They should have disclosed their lack of FFL from the get go. I see no issue on being upfront plus it does not restrict them from doing their builds since there was a licensed dealer on the premises.

Dumb move.

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  1. These type shows are coined as “reality” shows. From my eyes they are everything BUT reality. Typical forced nonsense in lame attempts to make things interesting.

  2. One must posses a 07 Class FFL for Manufacturers – not a 01 FFL for Dealers to build guns – AFT is very serious about this. I’m not defending the show, on the contrary I find it hard to believe they “build” machine guns for private sale/use as there manufacture for anything but Military or Police has been banned since the Gun Owners Protection Act in 1986 (if that’s not a misnomer I don’t know what is). This show always seemed shady to me but I’m confident that if they we’re doing anything illegal the AFT would’ve shut them down after the 1st episode!

  3. I agree with the idea that reality shows are stupid; and while my sympathies are towards the shop owners (and yours are, too, it seems), I was amused by the great majority of the comments on that story–namely, the ATF has lost *far* more guns than this shop owner!

    Those comments really put things in perspective. (That, and all the comments about how all “reality” TV shows are bunk.)

  4. I really lost any respect when I saw the clip of him firing a sub gun with blanks in the main shop! stupid, stupid, stupid. I don’t care if it was loaded with blanks, I would have decked him.

  5. This show is stupid and scripted, like everyother reality show.
    I don’t even know where to start…
    First off, why does everything have to explode at the finale of the show? I wonder how they have to money to build all these elaborate sets, and blow them up at the end of each episode!? Furthermore, you have to have a license to rig explosives like that. Perhaps it is the producers of the show paying the bill. To me, it is really annoying.
    Not to mention the way they edit the explosions.
    Also, kris ford on the show is an annoying punk whom in my opionion shouldn’t even be touching a gun.

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