Why I Love Fiona Glenanne

Fiona Glenanne is the character played by Gabrielle Anwar in the series Burn Notice. She is 5′ 2″ and probably 100Lbs if she is carrying her Walther PPK and a couple of spare mags with her. She is far from voluptuous but exudes sexiness in her self-assurance and that is the key.
Some smart SOB in casting took the chance that a woman whose physical appearance should have her typecasted and a mousy girl, (maybe a sister of somebody stronger or better looking) but instead she was given the role of a tough, self-determined and lethally proficient woman without losing either humor or “girliness.” The result is a very attractive woman that any man with testosterone would be more than proud to have next to her.

Self-sufficiency is sexy while dependency will annoy most males. I think many of us were annoyed about the bull around the sexual revolution and the Equality demands when we figured out that what was being asked was not true partnership but egotistical expectations.Their idea of partnership was getting more just because they were females but we still got to do the heavy lifting.

We don’t want to hear a shriek if a mouse suddenly crosses our path. Instead we love to hear “What do you think? Colibri .22 subsonic or CB Caps out the Ruger Mark II for mice?” If we have to change a tire in the middle of nowhere at night, we do not want to see a pretty face inside the car with a vacuous smile but instead we want to hear her say “You go ahead and change the tire, I got you covered” and knowing she does not mean an umbrella in case of rain. I am lucky, I am married to somebody like that.

And I’ll gladly reload her magazines so she doe not have to compromise her freshly done manicure. 😉