5 Replies to “No wonder it is so hard to get a gun in Illinois”

  1. Heads are scratching over here when I showed it to relatives who didn’t want to be in that whole drunken Asian dancing deal.

  2. Really? Is this a trick question?
    It’s kind of like the old one, “So, have you finally stopped beating your wife?”

    Remember, these are the people judging you to be unworthy of owning a firearm where clearly they should be in a small white padded room and medicated.

    Kind of makes you want to fill out the form using expletives directed at the idiots who administer it, since you know you will not get it approved anyway.

    Maybe it should be resubmitted with the answer of, “Felony Convictions: none, nope, no, nunca, never, zilch, nada, zip, the null set, the exact opposite of yes, nyet, and I’m not planning to.”

  3. Think about this…. What politicians are doing around the country in quickly formulated and poorly written legislation. Think of knee jerk legislation , which is generated from some of our less than brilliant officials especially in an election year and the invent some tear jerk law so they can say they were tough on this or that and passed such and such a law against whatever. It’s a pretty muddled path now a days on whats a misdemeanor and a felony.

  4. Never seen that before. Actually outside of Chicago and a few other locals, it’s fairly easy to get a gun in Illinois. That explains why we have 1/5th of the homicide rate of that city.

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