Le Burp: Le Pork Covered Cube Steaks.

Steak was marinated overnight in onions, red peppers, parsley, garlic & cilantro all properly liquified in a blender. The steak was then cubed, wrapped in bacon and shis-kebobbed with section of smoked sausage. Salt and pepper very sparingly.

Charcoal grill medium hot to “damn that’s hot!” 10 to 15 minutes on each side:
Make sure that the sticks are WET, not oiled like I did, I couldn’t remember so I went for the oil and the ends burned to nothing.

And, VOILA! Le Pork Covered Cube Steaks!
Cold potato salad or cold Cole Slaw recommended as side dish. Then again it is Christmas in Miami where the temperature right now is in the 80s with a slight breeze from the NW.

Merry Christmas and I’ll be asleep on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

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