250,000 visits! Amazed and humbled.

Damn…. that is a quarter of a million!

Sometime yesterday afternoon when I was not paying attention, somebody paid the 250,000th visit to this blog for the year. Last year I think I had somewhere around 60,000 so saying I am shocked is understating things.

I used to joke and say I had four readers. I guess I have to double that to eight at least!

Thank to all of you who have found my blog somewhat interesting to read.



6 Replies to “250,000 visits! Amazed and humbled.”

  1. Keep ’em coming.

    I find your blog to be extremely interesting.

    Thanks for taking the time and energy to keep it running.


  2. Hopefully it is also a sign that more, and more people are searching out information on the fight to retain or should I say regain our natural right To Keep And Bear Arms.


  3. I also would like to congratulate you for your time and efforts to make this an interesting site. The gun stuff and the humor keep people coming back and new visitors returning.
    All the new gun friendly concealed carry laws and the terrible economy have changed the way a great many people feel about guns. They’re no longer politically incorrect!



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