CSGV: Corporate Policy is the Law of the Land?

The latest from the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence is a beautiful double whammy.
A felon goes into a Kroger Supermarket, threatens a female employee with deadly force and ends up being shot and killed by the store manager. So far it has not been released if the felon had a gun, but if the victims had a reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm, the use of deadly force in self defense is legal. This is long established law. If the criminal had a real gun, toy gun or a piece of wood has no meaning whatsoever. So the CSGV trying to hint that the felon is somehow less criminal and therefore undeserving of his faith is not honest.

What CSGV considers “illegal” is the fact that the Store Manager had the gun with him in the store against company policy, not Indiana Law. Now, unless I woke up in another world,  company policy is not the law in any state of the Union. One has to wonder what kind of flavor of Idiot juice Ladd had for breakfast this morning when stating such stupidity.

The store manager will probably be fired for violating corporate policy but I pretty much doubt he will be arrested for bringing the gun to work since not such law exists. Even the most twisted District Attorney would have a hell of a time time trying to convict somebody for a crime that does not exist while defending himself an others.

But In Ladd Land, an innocent man (convicted for armed robbery in 2009) died and a criminal with a concealed weapon permit walks free.

8 Replies to “CSGV: Corporate Policy is the Law of the Land?”

  1. Ladd’s a douchebag. He’s just mad that the felon didn’t murder an innocent person so he could add one more person to the Gun Violence™ Victims list. He knows that no one cares about a dead felon, probably not even Mom. But a dead Kroger Employee might lead to donations to a Gun Ownership Prevention club. He’s just looking out for his bottom line.

    1. I’d point out that calling Ladd a ‘douchebag’ is probably a slur against bottles and squeeze containers of the feminine product everywhere. Alas calling him ANY of the usual list of insults is an insult to those it might actually refer to…rocks, mentally retarded or damaged people, snakes, insects…etc.

  2. They never ask the most important question. What if what they want is your life? What a bunch of liberal idiot pisswits.

    Even if the manager does get fired, at least he and the young clerk are alive to look for a job. Something the scumbag knows nothing about.

  3. And in a few days, Kroger Supermarkets get calls to make sure at least one supervisor or manager knows how to use and when to use deadly force when he, his store, or his employees are in danger from felons.

  4. It is possible to be prosecuted for bringing firearms onto private property where a no-gun policy is publicly posted, or in this case, in a company policy known to the employee. Whether or not the local authorities elect to elevate douchebaggery to epic levels by pusuing such a course of action is pretty much a subjective thing.

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