9 Replies to “It made me smile and wonder.”

  1. LOL

    I have heard that you can get lucky and get a decent gun from them, but I’ve heard way too many stories to take a chance ordering one. I’d have to inspect it in person.

      1. There was nothing wrong with my Century FAL that $100 in parts and gunsmithing couldn’t fix.

        Of course the gun smith is a personal friend of mine so his prices were very reasonable.

        But as I bought it the gun was non-functional.

  2. One fact checking fail: You can’t simply replace the full-auto lockwork with semi-auto lockwork to create a legal rifle. The whole receiver has to be replaced under the BATFE’s “Once a Machinegun, Always a Machinegun” policy.

      1. Yeah the receiver is cut up and trashed, although I’ve seen the remains of the receiver sometimes included in parts kits.

  3. I’ve seen more than one person bring in a Century CETME to the gunsmith with the desire that it fire more than three rounds in a row without jamming.

    I’ve also owned a WASR that worked like a charm… at least during the short amount of time and small amount of rounds I ran through it.

    Sometimes the crack addled monkeys get things right!

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