Delay in comments to appear

In case some of you are wondering about comments you posted and did not show immediately, something is happening and a couple of individuals are being sent to the “pending” folder. Linoge must have pissed somebody really bad because he is categorized as Spam and I have to un-spam him.

Don’t worry, I always check and make sure nothing gets sent to Spam Hell. I guess mythical moths do screw things up even in the Interwebs.

First computer bug: a moth found on at Relay # 70, Panel F, of the Mark II computer (1947)

5 Replies to “Delay in comments to appear”

  1. Bwah! What did you do!?

    Although, in all seriousness, yours is the only WordPress-powered weblog wherein that happens, though I had not even noticed it from my end. Maybe Akismet did not like that blockquote I put up on your candle post…


  2. I met Admiral Grace Hopper once upon a time, she told us about the bug in the machine, and that’s where we get the term “debugging” when we are talking about computers.
    Glad to see your issues are fixed.



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