The Top 15 in my IPod

A possible new Meme via Life in 3D and created by Tam?

Here is what appears to be played the most in my ancient IPOd Mini:

Temptation – Diana Krall
Mr. Zoot Suit – Ingrid Lucia & the Flying Neutrinos.
Go for Baroque – Dixie Dreggs
Tonight is what it means to be young – Fire Inc.
Diavolo en me – Zucchero
Mountain Dance – Dave Gruisin
What a wonderful world – Louis Amstrong
Sweet Home Alabama– Lynard Skynard
Black Betty – Spiderbait
It’s a heartache – Trick Pony
Rockalise – Annie Haslam
Ain’t that a kick in the head – Dean Martin
One for my Baby (and one more for the road) Frank Sinatra
Catherine of Aragon – Rick Wakeman
(Round, Round, Round) Blue Rondo a la Turk – Al Jarreau

Heavy on Female vocalists, or as my wife would say, “how unusual!” But it is good to see that my Prog Rock roots are still showing.

2 Replies to “The Top 15 in my IPod”

  1. Ipod? I have uh…a Toshiba laptop I stuff into my computer bag with Winamp on and headphones coming out of it. XD;;

    Not surprisingly, a mixture of anime songs, trance remixes, country, and I honestly dunno what to call some of the songs I listen to. Keynes vs Hayek Rap battle (both of them) and History of the Soviet Union done to Korobeiniki.



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