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– I really really really hate jackasses that celebrate the New Year/ 4th of July with gunfire that is not in a range. Even though apparently nobody got hit this year in Miami, there were still plenty of idiots shooting guns. Funny thing: by the count of strings of shots fired, there were lots of revolver and reduced capacity mags. Six and ten shots was what I heard the most. And yes an idiot with a double barrel shotgun too. Price of ammo had to be a factor this year because everybody packed it in around one am at the latest.

– I am gonna give it a shot and write a book this year. Mindset is greatly mentioned but seldom explained and with reason: The damn thing is vast and subjective. I agree with Michael Bane and his Gun Culture 2.0 (Civilians and Self Defense Culture) and the old hunting/military/police culture did not and does not apply to the regular Joes & Janes. I’ll head down that path.

– This will be the year we bury the Old Media. Not because paper and Talking Heads have become obsolete, but because they have become willing participants in covering up the myriad of scandal coming out of the current Administration. Fast & Furious will not go away and we will end up paying heavy reparations to Mexico for the 300+ people killed by ATF-provided firearms to the Drug Cartels and nobody from the Old Media with the balls to actually do an in depth investigation on the subject (exception to CBS and Ms. Atkins). Expect to see a huge amount of Presidential pardons issued to DOJ, FBI and ATF officials before Obama leaves office.

– Traditional Anti Gun groups will become more strident in their advertising on their way to their much deserved grave. Slowly but surely they are realizing irrelevancy is swallowing them. They cannot claim they are mainstream and they look really silly saying gun ownership is down when we had the two biggest sale days in history within the last 2 months (Black Friday & December 23) plus more and more news outlets are reporting defensive uses of firearms without the demeaning cliches of old. It was bound to happen, specially when women are finding out that guns are more relaxing and less taxing than Yoga plus the added benefit of defending themselves. No means No is properly reinforced with the visual of the muzzle of a gun aimed at the face of the rapist/killer.

– I think the Economy is gonna tank even worse this year. I don’t see any investors taking chances until the election is done and the new Administration starts undoing the tons of anti-business crap done under Obama. That means we won’t see light till sometime the end of 2013. Patience will be needed.

– And I plan on getting grouchier. Be ready 😉

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  1. Oh noes, what shall this 20-something going to do with a grouchier Miguel?

    Besides manning up.

    Well, nothing really. Taking notes and learning from the elders, just like how I was taught when I was younger.

    /random…am somewhat sleep deprived.


    1. Also: Make your book available online as well. Will Amazon be your primary publisher or something? I hear some authors who are writing their first books go that route.



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