CSGV: The Death of Common Sense & Seppuku of Logic.

This one is rich.

So what CSGV says is that a mentally unstable person who already committed murder was actually going to respect a law forbidding the possession of firearms in a National Park if it wasn’t for the NRA convincing both Congress and president Obama to rescind the prohibition.

The Dumb is Strong with This One.


9 Replies to “CSGV: The Death of Common Sense & Seppuku of Logic.”

  1. He had a Protection Order (restraining order) against him. Lautenberg Amendment says he was already prohibited and the first should should have never occurred much less the second.

    Since this happened creatively close to where I grew up I’ll try and write something up on it tonight. The bottom line is, as we all know, the invisible gun free zone line would have done nothing to prevent this tragedy. I knew about the shooting but didn’t know the details until I heard it on the radio getting up this morning.

  2. The Bradyites will dance in a single drop of blood to advance their agenda of lawful citizen disarmament. My question for them has been, why do you want a safe working environment for criminals? In standard Bradyite fashion the think “one more law” will make criminals go straight.

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