I Lit My Candle for….

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Today, The Brady Campaign wants you to light a candle for the Americans victims of Gun Violence. They don’t want you to light a candle for Non-Americans or everybody who was not subject to gun violence. They don’t care about any other kind of violence  because it is not about the violence but about guns and how to control people.

So I lit a candle for my own reasons and here they are:

I Lit My Candle for Yue Kui Cen. He was attacked in a robbery by a nutjob with a hammer at his store in Little Havana. He was unarmed, he did not offer resistance as the “expert” tells us to do and yet received six blows to the head that put him in a hospital in a coma. Brady doesn’t give a crap about him because there was no gun involved. The candle is also lit for all those who followed the “do not offer resistance” and died doing so. Their families might miss them dearly, but the Brady Campaign are proud they took the “high moral road” and were maimed or died for their cause.

I Lit My Candle for Liviu Librescu.  He was a professor at Virginia Tech and a Holocaust Survivor. When Seung-Chu Hoi attempted to enter his class to kill, he used his body to block the entrance, got shot and died saving his students. Yet the hero of VT according to Brady was not him but  Andrew Goddard who was hiding under a desk, in fear, doing nothing till he got shot by Hoi. Now he “atones” for his “actions” by being the mouthpiece of the Bradys.

I Lit My Candle for Brianna Denison. She was raped and murdered by James Biela, a serial rapist-turned murderer. Biela’s victim before Brianna Denison was Amanda Collins who even though she had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, she was not armed because she was in the parking garage of the University of Nevada Reno where no guns are allowed “in order to keep everybody safe.”  In March 2011, Amanda testified in front of Nevada’s Senate Government Affairs Committee and said: “I know at some point during my attack I could have stopped it. Had I been able to do so, two other rapes would have been prevented and a life could have been saved.”

I Lit My Candle for Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and over 200 Mexicans. On December 14, 2010, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by two Mexican Drug Cartel gunmen with weapons provided by the US Government via Operation Fast & Furious. More than 200 deaths in Mexico have been directly linked to guns provided by this Department of Justice program. Yet, to this day, we have not heard from any kind of outrage from the Brady Campaign save a small apologist blurb in defense of the Administration. Hypocrisy is strong with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Unless The Guns Come From The Government And Only Kills Non-Americas Or Americans We Cannot Use In Our Campaign.

Quote of the Day by Brigid: “but tomorrow is the day the Brady Bunch plan a light a candle to stop gun violence (that’s what I’m going to pull out when some potential gangbanger rapist confronts me in a parking lot, a f’ing candle.”)

Qoute of the Day 2 by Linoge: “One interesting side-effect from not making this distinction is that by holding their candle-light vigils for “victims of ‘gun violence’”, the Brady Campaign and their sycophants are, by definition, memorializing those murderers, rapists, thieves, muggers, robbers, home-invaders, and other scumbags who were shot down in self-defense by their intended victims, or by the police in the execution of their duties.”

Other Candles Lit by fellow Gun Bloggers & Followers.
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OK guy & gals. This is as far as I can go. The response has been amazing and I just can’t keep up with all the photos being published out there.

Weer, Our Brother Gunner: Congratulations!

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  1. See, it works. The candle has convinced all of my guns to stop shooting up schools and playgrounds and just sit there peacefully. We finally have a solution to gun control. Just light a candle for the guns and they lose the urge to kill.


      1. Got it fixed for you… 🙂

        Everybody, you can use HTML code to post the picture in the comments. If you don’t know, just leave me the links and I’ll fix it.

        And many thanks!


  2. A Candle will help find more Ammo when you need it. In 23 years of Law Enforcement the only thing that would stop a criminal was a bigger weapon then what he had, if he had a knife have a gun if he has a hand gun then bring a shotgun. The only thing these do gooders do and have ever done was make a Cop job harder to do and a Citizan have to work harder to stay safe.



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