More proof that we are winning.

Homeless man attacks former Broward Sheriff Office deputy’s family, goes for his children so he is forced to shoot. Miami Dade police investigates and declares it a lawful incident. Now what was interesting was the quote from the investigating officer.

Police say Hernandez was within his legal rights to fire the shots. “It’s a constitutional right in this country to carry a firearm,” said Zabaleta. “If you do carry a firearm and you are permitted to, then you are allowed to use it if in fact you feel that your life is in danger.”

We have come a long way baby!

3 Replies to “More proof that we are winning.”

    1. Dear Ex-Sheriff and Felon Kenn Jenne was the brains behind the report. I think it was a very costly error that went international and sealed the faith of the AWB sunset in our favor.

  1. I wished many other people would realize just how vulnerable you are ANY time you are out & about in public. Although YOU may only want ice cream, the bad guys will remain opportunistic, and often have other ideas. Thankfully, the kids were not harmed!

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