We are raaaaacists and homophobes!

At least one leftie blogger is sorely pissed at Candle and a Pic. Rick has branded us as The Westboro Baptist Church Of Gun Enthusiasts because we don’t buy the Bradys Candleilght Dance Over Corpses. I did love the quote:

I’m not sure what GFZ is expecting from an organization that is about “enacting and enforcing sensible regulations to reduce gun violence.”

I am sure that Rick is unaware of the history of the Brady Campaign and their chameleon-like changes in order to be more “palatable” to the American public. From the original National Council to Ban Handguns to Handgun Control, Inc to the latest version called The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, they changed their “goals” but never their objectives: Gun Control and eventually the ban of all firearms from private possession. As the founder of NCBG/HCI/Brady Nelson T. (Pete) Shields, III said:

“I’m convinced that we have to have Federal legislation to build on. We’re going to have to take one step at a time, and the first step is necessarily–given the political realities–going to be very modest … Our ultimate goal–total control of handguns in the United States–is going to take time … The first problem is to slow down the increasing number of handguns being produced and sold in this country. The second problem is to get handguns registered, and the final problem is to make the possession of all handguns, and all handgun ammunition totally illegal.”

That is why we never bought the alleged “sensible regulations to reduce gun violence” because they were never interested in going to the source of violence known as criminals. Oh yes! Let’s have marches in front of gun shops but they never had the nuts to march in front of drug corners or shoot houses.

Rick is even pissed because this sensitive and emotional testimony is aimed to remember Congresswoman Gabby Giffords who was shot a year ago. Lots of celebrities (OK mostly former celebrities) and other “chic” people are gonna attend… lots of people except Gabby Giffords. Still one year after her shooting, the Bradys have not been able to drag her in front of a camera to denounce the NRA. But the Bradys and Rick have no qualms in using her name and the memory of the victims for a desperate fundraising because they are bankrupt!   They are even selling their mailing list on line for Pete’s sake!
They are so broke that the total amount of political contributions for the last elections was $3,600 (or the price of three Colt AR rifles) When the were something still like back in 2000, they shelled $363,114 in campaign contributions.

They know they are on their way out, they just some cash to build their golden parachute, that’s all.

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      1. Definitions here:


        ” ‘Reasoned Discourse’: Term for when gun control advocates regularly censor comments on their message boards or blogs. Usually when their arguments and claims are easily refuted. Term comes from the last days of the old Brady Campaign blog where they ran a series called, of course ‘Reasoned Discourse’ where they highlighted alleged violent or disgusting comments they had received. This was shortly before they blocked all comments and later deleted them.”

  1. And they were all about us ‘gun nuts politicizing tragedy’s’ a few weeks ago but now it’s perfectly acceptable. Any attempt to refute them means we don’t care about the ‘victims’.

  2. I’m not sure what the title of your post has to do with anything I said in my post but then you make it a habit of imagining things and putting words into the mouths of others.

    Congresswoman Giffords has been a bit preoccupied with surviving and learning to talk, walk, and breathe again, I’m sure, to spend any time at all doing commercials for an organization she may or may not support. Contrary to your narrow-minded views, not all Democrats and liberals support everything that the Brady campaign does or stand for.

    One thing that most all Americans do believe, however, is that gun violence is out of control in this country, for what ever reason, and setting aside a day to remember those who have been affected by it is totally appropriate and apropos.

    But you see a bad guy every where you look, Miquel, shadows out of the corner of your eye, and danger down every street, including your own. It’s no wonder that you feel so threatened by a bankrupt liberal organization that is so not part of the mainstream, as you claim.

    By the way, you and your minions are more than welcome over at SFDB any time, any day. I love it when ideological zealots try to make sense of their words and actions.


    1. Rick, I don’t know why I’m bothering but..*shrug*
      TRY and get this through your brain. I’ve DONE the numbers. We’ll take the numbers from the CDC 30,896..that’s the total number of gun deaths in 2006. Oh and by the way that’s only a whopping 2000 more people than 6years previously in 2000. Out of a population as of 2010 of 308,745,538 people. Now if you want to be a pedantic prick about it just take the number of the population between the ages of 15-55. Do you know what you come up with for a percentage of population Rick? If you use total Census numbers a whopping ONE percent of the TOTAL population of the US. If you only take the 15-55 numbers that brings the population number down to170,768,000 people. You know what that does to the percentages? It raises that number by a *whopping* 2 fucking percent! So TELL me you brainwashed puppet, WHERE pray tell is the crisis! Twice as many people die AUTO ACCIDENTS each year than die by firearms. Oh my ..AUTOMOBILES ARE THE CAUSE OF A CRISIS! *gasp!* So I guess we need to outlaw automobiles too? Go drink your arsenic laced kool aid and die, you little loon, and leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

      1. So deaths are relative, Sean? Like, say, we shouldn’t get upset about car accidents because 1.6 million people die of cancer each year. And then maybe we should just stop worrying about airline accidents because only a little over 1,000 people died worldwide…effing world wide, dude. So by your logic until every 100th plane crashes and burns, airline safety ain’t worth sweating over. Let me guess….Republican?

        “Hippy,” cubby? Is that all you got for me today, McFly?

        Refresh your cute little candles, fellas. They’re burning low.


        1. Oh I admit that’s what I registered as when I was young, I because I felt at the time they best represented me. That hasn’t been true for a lonnng time. I keep forgetting to reregister. OTOH since there isn’t a Mongol Barbarian Horde Master category…*shrug* , re-registering is probably pointless.

        2. Rick…you do realize that POV has a lot to do with it don’t you. Your view and MINE differ. Hell, what I think should be done with the criminals currently residing behind bars and those currently in gangs on the streets…. would probably make some of my fellow followers of this blog..turn pale.

  3. I too was going to leave a comment over there,but that big fat zero in the comment column looked too nice to disturb.
    If you really think about it Rick,WE are the ones trying to prevent violence.Not by centering our chakras or chanting or sprinkling pixie dust in a sphere of protection around us.
    By using tools.Simple tools.To prevent violence being inflicted upon ourselves and our loved ones,and by extension our town or state.If a bad guy never knows for sure who is armed or not,whether or not he’s going home in a pine box,he’ll probably be less apt to offer violence to his fellow man.

    And that is something gun control will never be able to offer to the law abiding.Because one more law never stops criminals,only law abiding citizens.

    Now,a couple chunks of hot copper jacketed lead to the thoracic cavity does wonders to change the attitude of those intending to do you harm.

    Just a RATIONAL thought…

  4. Ontoliberty….this isn’t a debate about gun control, it’s about a post that is does nothing to advance the cause to which you believe in. The Westboro pukes are passionate about their cause, too, but their presentation sucks and it only drives people away.

    Posting photos of firearms next to candles on a day that is supposed to be a solemn remembrance of those lost to gun violence is insensitive and inflammatory. And if that’s your objective then you have just become very much like those Westboro a-holes. You can disagree with the Brady Campaign all you want [and you do] but I’m telling you that it just makes you and your friends look bad.

    The gun control debate is something separate and you might be surprised which way I roll on that.


    1. Let’s go point by point:

      Does nothing to advance the cause that I believe in?That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it,but I disagree.We are pointing out that there exists a viable alternative to burning paraffin to secure your safety.

      Their presentation sucks and only drives people away.
      Again,opinion,and you may or may not be correct,though even the kookiest are allowed to speak their mind as they see fit.

      A solemn day of remembrance to those lost to gun violence is insensitive and inflammatory…

      Why are we just remembering gun victims?Are we pushing an agenda?Makes me consider their motives.Seems like they are more concerned with the particular tool than they are about the violence itself.As far as insensitive and inflammatory,I’m sorry you feel that way,but I have no regard for those that would deny others their fundamental human right of self-preservation by restricting access to simple,effective tools.

      As for looking bad,that’s your opinion,but I believe we are doing a bang up job of selling our message,if you’ll excuse the pun.

      As for your views on gun control,you have a blog,post it there and I’ll be commenting when you put it up.

      Thanks for your thoughts.Have a nice day.

    2. Posting photos of firearms next to candles on a day that is supposed to be a solemn remembrance of those lost to gun violence is insensitive and inflammatory.

      Are you high, mentally deficient, or simply ignorant? You do understand, of course, that the Brady Campaign and all of those other “gun control” extremist organizations pad their “gun violence” and “gun death” numbers by counting those scumbags, criminals, rapists, murderers, robbers, home-invaders, muggers, and whatnot else who were rightfully shot by the police or their intended victims, right?

      The only thing “insensitive and inflammatory” going on here is the celebration of those bastards’ victimhood by an organization which knows exactly that they are doing it.

    3. The gun control debate is something separate and you might be surprised which way I roll on that.

      Lemme guess: “I am a gun owner but….”

      1. You love putting words into people’s mouths. Miquel. You have two in the title of this post that I never said or even implied and that are now being repeated by at least one other blog.

        Is that the way you guys operate? Just make sh*t up and hope it spreads around amongst all the other ideological drones so that it becomes “fact?”

        Not only are you lacking class, it appears as though you’re lacking integrity.

        1. ‘Ere’s a crazy idea – how about you stop analogizing us to blatantly racist and homophobic organizations, and we will stop pointing out those analogies for the rest of the world to see.


          Such a whiner. If you cannot stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

  5. I don’t think the child knows anything more about lawyer Fred Phelps money coining scheme, the “Westboro Baptist Church” racket, than he does about the inverse relationship between civilian possession of firearms and violent crime. And is not interested in learning about either.


  6. Rick’s point about being insensitive might be valid if this organization that hosts these events wasn’t so despicable and disinterested in the victims. If they cared about reducing victims of violence, then they would instead join us and ensure every decent citizen was armed and that would dramatically reduce the assault, rape and murder rates. Their proposals only impact Joe Average citizen, not the criminals. Focusing solely on firearms shows their true intentions. Changing the “catch-and-release” paradigm for many criminals would help out, too.

    Most importantly, anyone who advocates for strict gun control is a friend of the Nazis, the communists, and all of the other tyrannical despotic regimes that we have watched murder millions upon millions of disarmed innocents. I do not level this charge lightly. If you support strict restrictions or confiscation of firearms, you are evil because you are tipping the scales towards governmental genocide. You say it cannot happen here. They probably said the same thing in Germany in the 1930s. Need I go on with more examples?

    Regarding his insinuation that firearms owners are paranoid, I have a question. Since Rick seems to believe that crime is so rare and unimportant that taking precautions like firearms is foolish, then why do we not just dispense with the police? No, we keep them because we know we need them. They cannot be everywhere, for everyone, all the time; so firearms make sense.

  7. Rick we’re on the same side when it comes to wanting to reduce the violent crime in this country.

    Where we differ is A) Choosing a method with proven results.
    B) Doing it in a way that fosters individual liberty.

    “So by your logic until every 100th plane crashes and burns, airline safety ain’t worth sweating over.”

    If the “Solution” is the TSA who steals private property, violates the 4th Amendment, and sexually assaults people while hiding behind a badge and a government agency…all while preventing ZERO crashes, accidents, or terrorist attacks.

    Then no, it isn’t something to sweat over. It will be if we can come up with a solution that WORKS and does not infringe on individual liberty.

    And with that I’m off to work, carrying my .45 I known preventive of violent crime.

    1. Oh my solution to the terrorist attack part of that equation is easy Weer’d Beard. If you own a fire arm and have a CCL/CCP whatever they call it in your state…then you are free to CARRY ON THE PLANE., without being harassed. The TSA accomplishes fuck all.

      1. I fucking wish!

        I carry on the bus, Subway, and Train on a regular basis, and nobody has any issue with this, but flying is indeed a pain-in-the-ass and full of stupid!

  8. Defending the Brady Bunch when they are anti- freedom? When they advocate gun laws that empower rapists. When those laws are used to prevent minorities from owning firearms. I’m anti- violence but few others are namely crooks, rapists and their ilk. I’ll keep my guns, thank you, and I will refuse to bend to the whims of a bunch of people who have a failed ideology. Screw the anti gunners and the people who support them.

    1. Rick isn’t good for much besides trolling is he?

      Give the Devil his due. If you want to know where the cheese & wine soirees are in SoFla, Rick will know.
      The same applies for the artsie&fartsie “happenings.”

      He is the Hipster TMZ.

      1. Read every one of them.

        Your comments are particularly evasive and free of content.

        You don’t want to debate, you don’t want to discuss, and you know why.

        Don’t worry, we don’t actually NEED you to compromise with us. So do what you like.

  9. Miguel: you know nothing about me.


    I tell you what: I’ll do my “happenings” and you light your silly candles, play pretend police officer at the range and then do your best caveman imitation over the grill in the backyard and we’ll call it even.

    P.S. And you still haven’t explained where you got the title of this post.


    1. Gee! Cliche much?

      P.S. And you still haven’t explained where you got the title of this post.

      OK, the boy is somewhat dense. [sigh]

      Update: I could not help myself:

      Miguel: you know nothing about me.


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