And the expectd CSGV Fit arrives.

Some great snark-ready comments right there:

Heidi HadenoughofWalker Waddell You dummies!!! Candles pay respect for the deaths caused by guns!!!
(So candles are disrespectful of Non-Gun deaths? Shameful Candles!)

Heidi HadenoughofWalker Waddell ….Number of crimes stopped b/c some public citizen had a death weapon on them is extremely low if non existent.
(You do realize that there are other things in the Internet besides the CSGV FB page and Japanese Cat Porn, right? Like News websites? )

Jami Regs Nothing like a bunch of beer guzzling, uneducated hillbillies playing with deadly weapons to prove just how ridiculous the 2nd amendment is.
(Prejudiced much? You know the people in the video are from Idaho, right?)

This one came after the screen capture:
John Donnaruma I noticed that the gun-nuts never mentioned GUN violence, which is common for the anti-gun control people who comment on facebook. They all read from the same script, which makes finding reasonable common ground with others difficult in the fight to prevent gun violence.
(Maybe because if I am killed by a gun or a knife or a rebar it makes no difference? Dead is dead and objects do not commit violence, humans do. But you guys and your animistic quasi-religion keep trying to sell a load of BS to a country that stopped buying your product long ago.)

Jamie Gronko Wow…no offense but to me it looks like none of those people would be able to win a quick draw match against their so-called criminals they’re ‘protecting’ themselves from. But they’re the trained ones…such a pathetic video.
(Quick draw match? Have we been watching way too much TV & Movies? That would explain the comment.)


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  1. I swear. If they ever actually got to know any one in this community they might all fall over dead as their hell froze over. It amazes me. My Mom even has taken to calling me redneck now. She does it with love but the preconceived notions surrounding and sort of gun enthusiast is mind boggling. I have never met a nicer group of people.

  2. Dear CGSV: We aren’t mocking anything. We’re saying that you’re stupid. It’s a subtle difference, and the fact that you don’t get it only serves to prove our point.

  3. Japanese Cat Porn?

    finding reasonable common ground with others difficult in the fight to prevent gun violence.
    Except your idea of reasonable is a total ban on hand guns and so called “assault weapons”.

  4. Sigh…maybe I should announce my own candidacy for President…or more accurately…”Benevolent Dictator” . Then once I win, I’ll send minions out to round idiots like this up to stand in line and wait to be chipped.

  5. Dear Ladd,

    Practicing defensive pistol techniques has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment and is bad too? I guess CSGV doesn’t want gun owners to be well trained after-all.

    And, of course we mock your morbid use of tragedy to achieve “Progressive” political goals, but we fully support your descent into irrelevance.

  6. I would dearly love to have the stats of crimes prevented by armed non-victims to show to Heidi Hidemyheadinmyass. I have the feeling, though, that there are quite a few crimes prevented by the mere showing of the firearm that do not get reported.
    I can point to at least two crimes (attempted home invasions, thankfully we will never know the reasons for the attempted invasions but I’m sure we can guess) thwarted just recently, though.

  7. Of course we should expect them to throw a tantrum fit. It’s all they know. We just mocked their totally ineffectual and purely symbolic exercise. It’s fine if they want to use such events to grieve, but our perception is that it is merely political theater and that they actually think it will do a damn thing to reduce violence. Unicorn farts and pretty rainbows will not stop a protein-fed ex-con who is kicking in your door.

    It seems everything is done from the emotional perspective. If they did an ounce of research they would know Defensive Gun Use (DGU) dwarfs the violent crimes where a firearm was used for criminal purposes. This demonstrates a huge net benefit for widespread firearms ownership. Also, many countries with strict gun laws have higher violent crime and/or murder rates, so again, they failed to do even modest research (although cross-cultural comparisons are problematic).

    The crux is, they do not care about facts. It’s all about their feelings. So, they spout off silly, easily refutable factoids, while simultaneously calling us uneducated rubes.

  8. I see that Ladd Everitt is still operating on the assumption that if he repeats a lie often enough, the uneducated, ignorant, and outright stupid amongst his flock will treat it as the truth. Well, actually, that might not be far off the truth, but anyone with the foggiest of clues regarding “reality”, “facts”, or “history” knows that the Second Amendment is about one thing and one thing only – self defense, whether we are talking about an oppressive government or a thug demanding our wallets.

    Gotta love how they have to limit the statistics (which are supposedly on “their side”) to only “civilized countries”… because we all know that people being shot in “uncivilized countries” obviously do not matter, and thus should not be counted.

    And, finally, I continue to be outright amazed at the rampant hatred, viciousness, and vitriol being leveled by these “gun control” extremists against people who are lawfully and peacefully exercising a sport that could potentially keep them safer and alive in a violent confrontation. Is the notion of “self-defense” that repugnant to them? Wierd.

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