Dear Ladd, I know you are pissed, but you needn’t lie.

Hissy Fit Level 100. That is what Ladd Everit is having about the Light a Candle and take a Pic Day.  He says that we found it humorous that they were paying tribute to the victims of Gun Violence. He still does not get it, we found it repulsive. To say that Brady or CSGV care about the victims of ALL Violence (not only gun violence) is the equivalent of saying that the Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst was caring of their fellow Ghetto dwellers or O’Brien was genuinely interested about the quality of life of the Proles

Ladd did not like my line “Candlelight Dance Over Corpses.” But it is based in simple observation: We celebrate when somebody saves life (Theirs or anybody’s) by using the means provided by the Constitution and they only come out of the woodwork when people die violently. They are Human Vultures looking for corpses to beg for monies for their cause. Just like in the times of the Black Death, they scour the news while murmuring “Bring Out Your Dead.”

The only thing we found funny is that the Brady Campaign (and by extension CSGV and the rest of the Anti Gun Alphabet Soup) thinks they are still relevant. We have never found funny your Danse Macabre.


PS: How come the Antis’ blogs either remove your comment or don’t let you comment at all? Quite telling, isn’t?

4 Replies to “Dear Ladd, I know you are pissed, but you needn’t lie.”

  1. Prexactly. I do not find their “candle light vigils” amusing at all. I am somewhat disheartened that people could honestly believe that such things could have any impact, whatsoever, on preventing murderers, rapists, and other thugs from perpetrating their crimes, but I am not laughing. I am thoroughly disgusted that they are memorializing all “gun violence victims”, given that the CSGV counts murderers, rapists, and other thugs shot down in self defense amongst those “victims”, but I am not laughing. I am quite confused at how revolting the anti-rights cultists seem to find the concept of law-abiding citizens exercising their natural, individual rights to self-defense, but I am not laughing.

    I am, however, uproariously laughing at Ladd and the rest of his merry band of idiots losing their collective gos-se over our grassroots, spur-of-the-moment, unfunded, unorganized counterprotest. Must suck to be outclassed and upstaged by a bunch of “beer swilling rednecks”, eh?


  2. I’m a minority. Am I still a redneck? (Nevermind my online nickname of “Asian Redneck”)

    That said, their attitude in terms of comments reminds me of that oft-overused phrase that describes Japanese society.
    “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.”

    Ladd: EGADS, That Miguel fellow is once again using REASON to usurp our authoritah! You there, social media intern, be a good chap and delete him.

    (I obviously need to cut down on the British television)


      1. That’s actually what I’ve been watching. Matt Smith Dr. Who is kinda…weird. Preferred Tennant.

        Besides, Netflix needs to update and put the 2011 series on. Bulldozing homes with military vehicles was a fun challenge.



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