We be Terrorists! ZOMG!

Daniel Johnson, Deputy Executive Editor of Salem-News.com goes and rehashes the old Terrorism meme from the Clinton Administration Era in his “editorial” The NRA — A terrorist organization.

Still, it amazes me that somebody who makes his living off the Liberties recognized in the Bill Of Rights has the chutzpa of writing stuff like this:

It’s long past time for the American people to wake up and realize that their so-called Second Amendment rights have gradually turned the National Rifle Association into a terrorist organization through its adamant refusal to repudiate gun violence using the legal technicality that it’s every American’s Second Amendment right to terrorize his (not often her) fellow citizens.

A technicality? I am sure that Mr. Johnson believes that the Right Of The People as applied in the Second Amendment really means Collective Rights That Can be Suppressed By The Government. But that the Right Of The People as applied in the First Amendment is an unalienable personal right that no Government or individual must even think about touching.

I reckon one day he’ll figure it out, hopefully before it is too late.

(h/t to Robert Fowler via Facebook)

10 Replies to “We be Terrorists! ZOMG!”

  1. Calling someone a ‘terrorist’ is the modern version of a college student screaming ‘FASCIST!!’ when they don’t get the results they like.

    His bio is as long as his article. He also ‘moderates’ his comments along w/ denying statistics he doesn’t like w/ this line “Statistics are often used to bolster weak arguments. ”

    What a twit.


  2. Where do you get your stupidity filter. Your mind can’t honestly be faring well without something to protect it while you go on about looking at these people’s stupidity. I want one.


  3. I am the NRA.

    I guess that makes me a terrorist.

    Come to think about it……..there are more than 4 million NRA membe………err…….sorry Daniel…….I meant terrorists……..in this country.

    And we all love the 2nd Amendment.

    Daniel with the brains of a Johnson………Get over it.

    We are here to stay.


          1. I picked it up out of a movie or tv show somewhere. be damned if I can remember which one of those it was, or the title right now. It’ll probably hit me later I’ve laid down to go to sleep.



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