CSGV Still Pissed.

To the point of funny:

Kathy Tomon Sluck What cowardly pieces of shit these bastards who are so afraid of losing their guns are.
Christ, she is foaming at the mouth so much, she went all Yoda on us.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence They love attacking victims behind a veil of anonymity. We will take that away every chance we get
Hmmmmm, no? I don’t do veils and Miguel is my real name.

Rex Stuart Take their guns away and their belligerent attitudes goes with it.
1) We do not have belligerent attitudes, otherwise you’d be hiding in Cuba by now.
2) No, you won’t take our guns away. Then we would have to deal with your attitude.
3) One word: Backup!

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  1. Given the amount of threats these people cast around, is there a wonder we won’t give them our home addresses?

    Not that this “outing” is a big deal, nor the first for me.

    Oh and “Weer’d Beard” is a college nickname of mine that stuck. My close friends will call me “Weer’d” just as frequently as “Andy” and I answer to both.

  2. You have to love how the guy hiding behind the name “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” is complaining about gun bloggers using pseudonyms. The other funny thing is the post “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” linked to isn’t signed meaning I have no idea who the author is.

    That seems a bit hypocritical to me.

  3. I’m not giving Ladd my address. If that psycho-clown shows up here and I have to shoot him I don’t want the cops claiming I egged him on.

    That dude is insane, and I’m not convinced he’s stable enough to survive the collapse of his organization. He is liable to go off the deep end when Joyce cuts them off, and NC isn’t that far a drive from DC.

  4. Makes me wonder how many times they will have to lose their FB and Twitter accounts after publishing Personally Identifiable Information before they will learn their lesson.

        1. Ahhhhh! You Had me at B5!

          We are dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers. We study the mysteries of laser and circuit, crystal and scanner, holographic demons and invocations of equations. These are the tools we employ and we know many things. The true secrets, the important things. Fourteen words to make someone fall in love with you forever. Seven words to make them go without pain, or to say goodbye to a friend who is dying. How to be poor, how to be rich, how to rediscover dream the world has stolen from you.
          Elric to Captain Sheridan

          1. Limoge…wash your mouth out youngster! I loved Galen. And they would [I suspect] gotten further into the first season[13eps is only HALF a season] and actually gotten into seasons 2-4 or so. Like B5, Crusade was going to had a beginning and was going to have a middle and an end..just like a novel. Sadly TNT played games with it. They ‘claimed’ the viewership wasn’t there. The reality was the viewership was there for CRUSADE. then people tuned out Crusade after the night’s episode was over. So they diddled with it, time slot wise . Then to prevent any OTHER network picking it up and making a mint with it, thereby making them look like complete FOOLS[which they are] they made the buy price on the rights to it, so astronomical that no other network could afford to, or would be WILLING to spend on a supposedly unproven series. The fact that it had a built in following from the original series giving lie to that thought.
            I was really looking forward to seeing where JMS was going with some of the threads and characters and Turner screwed me out of that…so FUCK YOU very much Turner.

          2. *psst* I was complaining about Crusade, not Galen.

            And Crusade was to B5 what Enterprise was to TNG, no matter how TNT dorked around with it.

            Oh, and I watched all the episodes of B5 and Crusade live, the first times they aired, thank you very much :P.

          3. Limoge..so did I except the nights I was working and even then..I taped them live. Which led to some really long bouts of swearing when either one was preempted by NBA Play offs.

  5. What anonymity? I link to the book I wrote, under my carbon name, from every page on my site. Congratulations, Ladd Everitt, hiding behind the veil of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, you can follow hyperlinks! Would you like a gold star?

    In other news, if these profanity-inclined halfwits want to keep giving us free traffic, more power to them!

      1. But haven’t you heard Miguel. We’re the spawn of Satan brother! Didn’t our ‘;horn headed, tail swishing, sulfurous breathed, REALLY in need of a good teeth cleaning’ pops tell you? We really ARE his kids! Oh and since we’re out he doesn’t want us back either.

    1. Meanwhile their Oregon chapter leader gives news interviews and runs his website as well as comments on their page under an assumed name.

      But it only counts when WE do it.

      1. Don’t you know sir. It is only evil when we do it. When they do it, it is uh…

        Some enlightened thingyamajigger or whats its. Some highly profound, oceans falling and whatnot nonsense.

        And a sign that I’ve watched too much Top Gear. Is when I reread this post and Jeremy Clarkson is the one narrating it in my mind. Oh oh! Laddites, take notice. Voices! In the mind of a young twenty-something who wants to own a gun. Now if I were on your side, I have some kind of muse, but sadly, not. So therefore in your Laddite thinking, I am insane.

        And Jeremy please shut up.

  6. Gee, I get a belligerent attitude when someone tries to take away an inherent and Constitutionally enumerated right, such as the Second Amendment. I also get a little irked if they tried to take away my First Amendment rights.

    Given the examples in history of genocides that followed forced civilian disarmament, you would think the foul-mouthed Kathy Tomon Sluck would be more understanding. Well, I’m right and the Nazis, the Armenian genocide, all of the communist regimes prove me to be so. She needs to become less ignorant before touching a keyboard.

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