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    1. I’m a bit of a mama’s boy. It’s not all bad. I’d cheerfully kill without blinking anyone who brought harm to my mama. I’ve given serious thought to doing it to any number of deserving souls over the years. I gave VERY serious thought to the tow truck driver who hit my mom a few years ago, and the owners of the shop he was driving for. Driver was driving with NO license..he’d had it suspended or revoked a year or so before he hit my mom. The owners HAD to have known. The drivers owners response..’you come to our shop, we fix for free” Uhmmm No..mother fucker I don’t think so. the driver got his ass arrested. I came this *fingers an inch apart* close to driving down to that shop and burning the fucking place to the ground..with the owners in it.

  1. As a Scandinavian-American I am offended and outraged that such a limp-dicked man-pussy puts on claims to be the Son Of Odin. It is highly offensive and the only thing he might say is Baldr, lies between his legs.

  2. To the author(s) of this website: The image posted on this webpage was taken from a Facebook profile page and published without permission from the owner of that profile. You are instructed to remove the image immediately and delete all copies. You have 24 hours to comply. Failure to do so will result in legal action taken against you for copyright infringement and possible cyber-stalking, as dictated by the laws of the state from which the image was posted.

    1. Dear Jason:
      We know you deleted your Facebook Profile…. but not quite.

      Now, the photo you are complaining about is of you at a PUBLIC event and I seem to recall there were members of the media present.

      Now, your Facebook profile defines you as Public Figure, you are doing Public Events and your likeness is not covered by Copyright Infringement since I am not making a profit out of this website or your image, neither pretending to be you.

      It is true that a person who, by his accomplishments, fame, or mode of living, or by adopting a profession or calling which gives the public legitimate interest in his doings, his affairs, and his character, may be said to have become a public personage, and to that extent thereby relinquishes at least a part of his right of privacy. There may be a limited scrutiny of the “private life” of any person who has achieved, or who has thrust upon him, the status of a “public figure.”
      Cason v. Baskin, 30 So. 2d 635, 638 (Fla. 1947)

      You having voluntarily engaged in public acts and publishing images of such acts makes you a Public Figure. And I am not delving into your private life either.
      You may want to check with your lawyer.

      PS: Since you are all worried about Copyright stuff, Should I contact Marvell Comics and seek their opinion on you using the name of one of their COPYRIGHTED characters as fund collection tool for Ceasefire Oregon?

      1. I have checked with my lawyer. If you had taken the image from a public media outlet, for instance, it might be legal. But you took it from a private profile page without permission. Other, similar cases have gone this way. I suggest you comply with my request.

        1. Jason,

          I think it’s time to fire your lawyer. He’s talking out of his 4th point of contact. Oh, sorry, that’s “a$$” for you non-military pacifists.

        2. Jason, as an Oregon attorney let me inform you that your first step is to comply with 17 USC 523. If your attorney has not informed you of that formality, it is obvious that they are not conversant in trademark and copyright law. I herewith offer my services and promise to litigate this matter for you right down to your last nickel. An initial retainer of $10,000.00 should get you through the first month.

          Sincerely, legaleagle_45

      2. From your agreement with WordPress, whom I will also be contacting:

        “Responsibility of Contributors.If you operate a blog, comment on a blog, post material to the Website, post links on the Website, or otherwise make (or allow any third party to make) material available by means of the Website (any such material, “Content”), You are entirely responsible for the content of, and any harm resulting from, that Content. That is the case regardless of whether the Content in question constitutes text, graphics, an audio file, or computer software. By making Content available, you represent and warrant that:
        the downloading, copying and use of the Content will not infringe the proprietary rights, including but not limited to the copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret rights, of any third party.”

        1. Again, you are a public figure by your own choosing. You have voluntarily given interviews to the media. You participated in public events as a featured speaker. You have outed yourself. You cannot claim expectation of privacy. Even the picture you are complaining about does not belong to you.

    2. Miguel, so I know you are “Gone Shootin'” (and I seriously envy you that), but it has been 24 hours – heard anything from Baldr and his “lawyer”, or are both full of it?

  3. So, wait a second – Bald outed himself on his own public Facebook page, and now he is whinging that we noticed?

    … *headdesk*

    That is a powerful level of “stupid” right there.

  4. Is it any wonder why we’re winning? The average gun control advocate looks like Baldr or Rosie O’Donnell…and we have Emily Miller and Chuck Norris.

    Game over, man. Game over.

  5. I’ve downloaded Baldr’s Jason’s photo to my hard drive.

    It might behoove him to read up on The Streisand Effect.

  6. Sorry, JASON. When you use a pseudonym to inflate your own numbers, your claims are forfeit.

    The USE of an image taken as such to be used in an article ABOUT THAT IMAGE is fair use. You may not like it… but that’s what we call “sour grapes.”

    Now, in JASON’S defense, he is not using a copyrighted name in ‘Baldr Odinson’. ‘Balder the Brave’ is copyrighted. ‘Baldr’ is the name of a Norse mythological figure. As he was the son of the god Odin, ‘Odinson’ is the proper title to give ‘Baldr’. So… while completely unoriginal and corny, it is legal.

  7. Jason,

    As a public figure, you should realize what most of us have figured out already. You are a vapid, vacuous, non-entity. You are the anti-gun version of Leonard Embody. Further, even if you were not a public figure… the photo of you was taken in a public place where there is absolutely zero expectation of privacy. Add to it the fact that you willingly chose to be a public figure (which proves anyone can do it by the way), willingly chose to speak at a public event, willingly allowed your photograph to be taken, and willingly admitted your many personalit…. I mean names. You should consider yourself fortunate to be on thin ice, if any at all.

    Lastly I will apologize to you from the pro-rights community for using logic and applying the concept of the constitution to my winning position of defending my rights from the likes of people like you. I understand that “logic” and “fact” are not exactly the watchwords of your losing, left wing, anti-rights organization.

    With all due respect (which isn’t very much at all),

    Disavowed With Honor

    1. *chinscratch* I don’t know my friend..seems to me that apologizing to someone like him…or any liberal for that matter is giving them an inch so they can take a mile…
      OTOH I suppose it could also be in the nature of “give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself”

  8. Baldr Odinnson, God of Beauty, Love and Courage. Don’t use his name if you have no attributes to substantiate it. And Baldr was the most loved god, you aren’t, you’re hurting Baldr’s name. Don’t get me wrong, i think guns and anyone affiliated with them are idiots and cowards. Guns are for people without the skill, intelligence or bravery to fight for what they believe personally but i just request you stop using Odinnson’s name.

    1. “Guns are for people without the skill, intelligence or bravery to fight for what they believe personally…”

      Yeah, the Allies should have fought the Nazis with our fists. Go back to playing with your glorified virtual guns on your PC games, hypocrite.

  9. Last weekend at a Eugene Ceasefire event, “Baldr Odinson” was interviewed, on video, by a citizen journalist about gun-grabbing bill HB3200. Wearing his usual creepy all-white superhero uniform, he makes some dubious claims– that he had nothing to do with the writing of HB3200; and that we should trust the good “intent” of the legislators who really don’t want to conduct warrantless searches.



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